Rejoinder to eye witness account by Mr. Ochizulu

The undersigned on behalf of the Post Graduate Students’ Union (PGSU) is compelled to issue this press rejoinder on the article “An eye witness account of 28th Feb incident in NU” where Mr. Ochizulu Ao, PR Hill Kohima had questioned the integrity of NUTA and PGSU. Mr. Ochizulu, why have you taken so long to testify your eye witnessed account of the incident on the 28th Feb. 2006? From the contents of your article it is well understood that you don’t have an iota of the happenings in the University over Prof. G.D. Sharma. This very ignorance on burning issue (i.e. NU issue) in you should have urged deep inside you to constraint yourself in revealing your immaturity and irresponsibility. Alleging through media that the volunteers/students were under the influenced of alcohol and threatening Prof. G.D. Sharma to resign is baseless but sheer lies with an intention to tarnish image of NUTA and PGSU. Think before you come public through media. It is advisable to know the crux of the problem before giving any comment. You need to know more on the issue. You need to know the genesis of the problem. Things could have been better if your feelings were shared openly straight to the face of the concerned student leaders.

What do you expect from the students and teachers when rampant mismanagement of University Fund has been taking place right in front of their nose? What do you expect them to do when the so-called Vice Chancellor appointed rejected candidates by screening committee into teaching staffs? What do you expect from these students whose careers have been affected due to the irresponsible so-called VC? What should the teaching community of the University do when their constant cries have been ignored and neglected? What more should I tell you for your consumption? 

The PGSU don’t want to be rude to you though you have irresponsibly targeted the PGSU and the NUTA by implicating them wrongly. Just one last thing: keep shedding tears for Prof. G.D. Sharma who has been assaulting younger generation including your children. 

Thonselo Magh,
President, PGSU