Rejoinder to ‘NPF lacks Political Sagacity’

Apropos to the article written by Oken Jeet Sandham with the “NPF lacks political sagacity” which appeared in the North East Herald on October 17 2005, the Nagaland People’s Front is constraint to issue this rebuttal statement.

As though having borne serious grudges against the NPF Party, Oken Jeet has hurled malicious, irrelevant and self-concocted tantrums on two occasions in the North East Herald.

In a Democratic set-up, the fourth estate is held in high esteem so also the media personnel are supposed to maintain equilibrium in discharging their responsibilities. However, setting aside the laid down basis and ethics, Oken Jeet has displayed his partisan color by vociferously attacking the NPF and DAN Government as if he is a member of an opposition political party. If Oken Jeet has an iota of concern for Naga political problem or the ‘Peace Process’, he should first come to his senses about what his own people in Manipur are doing as far as solution for Naga Political problem is concerned. Now, when his own people cannot understand the reality of the situation where then is his legitimacy to talk about solution of Naga Political problem? It is advisable for Oken Jeet to correct his people and talk later.

An outsider who is impregnated with ulterior motive and evil design to vitiate the overall peaceful atmosphere of the Naga Society has no locus stand to teach the Naga’s about their issues and problems.

The allegations about NPF CEC meeting which goes as “….that only a Regional Party can protect……” contended by Oken Jeet is a blatant lie and utterly misleading. The fact is that the NPC CEF meeting held on 21st September, 2005 has neither discussed nor issued statement in that aspect.

Therefore, if Oken Jeet is really serious to work and serve as a member of a political party, let him shed his ‘wolf in the sheep’s skin’ and declare his true identity instead of working as an opposition political party member in the guise of media personality thus denigrating the image of the fourth estate.

R. Paphino
Press Secretary, NPF