Rejoinder to NSCN-IM for Christian socialism

The recent article in the local media issued by the NSCN-IM “Christian Socialism” made me reflect on what this is all about. The question I asked myself is that, is there such a thing as Christian socialism? Can Christianity and socialism be agreeable to God? I will endure to look at this separately, first lets us look at socialism and then let us look at it in the Christian context.

Lets us look at the meaning of socialism “socialism the theory, principle, or scheme of social organization which places the means of production of wealth in the hands of the community” From the above meaning of socialism one can notice that the wealth is in the hands of the community. Which community is NSCN-IM referring to? The writer of the article states that “The NSCN-IM held that it is unimaginable that no organization, state or even a village can exit without Socialist spirit”

With this part of the NSCN-IM statement one is lead to look around the world to acknowledge that most of the world does not hold to the ideal of “socialist spirit.”

If socialism is such a great thing then why has not America, England and other western countries embraced the spirit of socialism? I can even dare to say that Russia, China and even our neighbor the Indians have at one time accepted socialism in some degree or other, so lets us look at the outcome of the spirit of socialism. 

Socialism in Russia lasted around 80 years. The idea was to be equal and to have an equal share in everything. An individual owned nothing, as every thing belonged to the ruling party. (The community)The ruling party that is the state, acquired everything, the people went and worked in the state fields, farms and factories as no individual owned land or business. The state becomes the central community. 

During the early part thousands and millions of Russian were put into the concentration camps. Such as we have not seen here in Nagaland, these camps were nothing compared to the Ghaspani ones in the fifties and seventies. For having a belief which went against the socialist ruling party. Freedom of religion was not allowed, the churches had to register and be approved by the socialist ruling party. No one was allowed to own land or propriety of any kind.

The school children were told to spy and inform the authorities what their parents talked about. Russia was in ruins because of spirit of socialism. No jobs were available unless you were a member of the socialist party (the community) the same thing happened in Germany under the Nazi Socialist party. In the end Russia has cast way the spirit of socialism. And now is thriving country.

In China under Chairman Mao, concentration camps were set up to keep the enemy of the state that is the ruling socialist party, religion was banned or become state controlled, employment was not by choice but were told what you could and could not do. Ownership of land and property was not allowed. Any one spoke against the ruling party were sent to jail, in many cases their children were sent to special homes to be brainwashed in their way of thinking some who spoke out were shot. As in the case of the students who in the 1990’s made a protested in the Peking red square. (This gives a new meaning to student protest)

These are just a few things that the spirit of socialism does. Today China is begun to let go of its spirit of socialism and because of that it is prospering. Russia and China both put its own people to death because someone objected or had a thought of their own. 

India under Nehru adapted a limited socialist policy and its economy lay in ruins until the 1990 when the ruling party had a change of spirit. Now India is fast becoming a first World country.

So is Socialism for the Naga’s? Only you can decide. Please do not take my words but check out the outcome of socialism in the world. Why should we be made to suffer as others have suffered by remaining quite? Are you willing to work hard and give everything you earned to some community who ruled over you? 

Further more the article goes on to say that “We can not imagine of having an organization, a village or a state without socialist spirit.”

This statement clearly states that the NSCN-IM will rule as the center community and to whom you and I will bring the fruit of our labors to. Is this what we can take it as NSCN-IM plan for you and me? We are to become slaves and we can not own anything even the cloths on our back belong to NSCN-IM. If we speak against NSCN-IM they will do to us what the Chinese do to their own people under the socialist regime.

In an interview conducted in 1997 with S. Bhaumik is BBC correspondent for eastern India. NSCN-IM leader Muivah stated the following:

“Mao and Chou En-lai were great leaders. Your Nehru was not. One must follow their revolutionary example” Muivah remains convinced that “China is the only hope for revolutionaries”

So are Muivah and NSCN-IM planning to follow in the steps of Chinese mass murder Mao? Or Pol Pot of Cambodia?

The article also states that “…the Nagas are bound into a nation by its socialist culture, tradition and political concept since time immemorial.”

This statement is trying to make us believe a lie. As the each Naga tribes is and are independent from other. Each has its own unique qualities and way of governing it self, from time immemorial. As Nagas did not have a nation in the true sense of the word but collection of tribes. No tribe would help others unless it was to their advantage. Each tribe was and is ruled by its laws and customs, since time immemorial.

Else where in the article issued by the NSCN-IM they state that “The unity of Naga communities into a nation being sustained by the socialist spirit for centuries is unique in our own way of living and different from that of the communist socialism elsewhere in the world.”

This part of the statement needs no a clarification and is a fabrication. We, all who are true Nagas, know that each tribe is an individual one. Some what distinct from other tribes. 

Socialism is the 20th century product, produce by an Anti Christ, Karl Marx, and Lenin etc. We the Nagas as whole not only are separate in tribes but we are also individuals who work for our family. And when a family, clan or a tribe members are in need we come together and provide for their needs.

As for the “unity of Nagas from centuries”, is totally a figure of the writers imagination, why just look back in last two hundred years, when the British came to Naga Hills, they went to Kohima, who came to the aid of the Angamis? The AO’s the Tankgkuls? Each tribe was and still is independent from other tribes. The only time one can say the Nagas were united would be under NNC and Phizo in the 1950’s.

My friends let me give you the philosophy of socialism in a nut shell. This is the philosophy of communist socialism. “You grab them (the people) by their ********* and their heart and minds will follow your way of thinking and bidding.” I can add this also “we well ride on the back of the common workers, for all are equal but we are more equal then you all” now let us move on to the second and more urgent issue off, is Christianity compatible with socialism?

The second issue is the main issue. Can Christianity be compatible with spirit of socialism?

According to the NSCN-IM “the spirit of socialism has been with the Nagas and it is inborn element” to this statement I would agree as far as it can only be applied to non Christian Nagas. For the obvious reasons stated below.

To me this sounds like a doctrine of demons, no where does the Bible tells us to follow in the spirit of socialism. The NSCN-IM seems to recognize that there is a spirit of socialism and NSCN-IM is willing and wantonly part takers of it! 

The only question remains to be asked is that, whose spirit is it that the NSCN-IM part taking in? Also it would appear that NSCN-IM wants all of us Nagas to part take in the same spirit. So let us find out if this spirit; is of Spirit of Christ or the spirit of Satan
Jesus said in the Gospel of John that you would know them by their fruits. So what is the fruit of spirit of socialism? Poverty, hunger, bondage, slavery, oppression, the spirit of Jezebel will rule, mistrust in the family. 

All this and much more is the spirit of socialism. Behind this is the spirit of Satan in control. For Jesus came to set us free from these things, on the cross is where the blessing of God was poured out to break the spirit of fear, bondages, bring light where there is darkness. Set the captives free was the calling of Jesus. He came for this very purpose to unite us to God. 

It is written in 1st Timothy 4:1 “Now the Spirit (Spirit of God) expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons”

I ask the people of NSCN-IM have you departed from your first love “Jesus”? Whose spirit are you following?

2nd Corinthians 3:17 say that “Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

In the article of NSCN-IM they state that “NSCN-IM stands for a type of socialistic economic system which is compatible with the Christian thought”

How can this be? Since when the spirit of Satan became compatible with the Spirit of Christ? Does salt water and fresh water comes forth from the same spring?

Christ has set us free from slavery why would we want to go back under it? Does not the Word of God say that the labor is entitled to his pay? No where does the Word of Christ say that the labor has to give all that he produced or earned to certain group of people.

And be an owner nothing as defined by the meaning of socialism at the beginning. What is common between freedom and slavery? Nothing. Either you follow the Spirit of God or you follow the spirit of Satan. 

To conclude my beloved fellow Christian Nagas. Firstly let us follow Christ with our hearts and minds, and not give any room to any deceiving spirits which may come in many names and disguises. 

My fellow Nagas we have to understand how the deceiving spirits work. Satan has not changed his methods; here he is employing the same method of deceiving as when he did in the Garden of Eden on Eve. “Look Eve how sweet and beautiful is that apple on the tree. Come on Eve don’t you want to be same as God? See how tasty is the apple. Take a bit, it wont hurt you” and in the same way the NSCN-IM are trying to get us to follow the spirit of socialism, the spirit of Satan. You see my friend how subtle their article is. Is like when you go to the pharmacy to buy some tablets for some sickness, you know the tablets are very bright and colorful. And it is very tasty to look at. It is coated with sugar, but underneath the sugar lays the horrible bitter taste which you would not be able to digest by it self.

“Christian Socialism” is not of God, it is a double edge sword. It’s like a man who comes to you with a Bible hold in one hand and a Gun in the other. He lifts up the Bible and says “I come in peace.” And under his breath he says quietly as he pulls the trigger on the gun “shoot to kill”

Word of Christ tells us in 2nd Corinthians 10:12 “Casting down arguments and high things that exalts its self against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.” So let us strive to bring down the thoughts of socialism and the spirit of socialism from our land. God Bless my beloved Nagas.

John Sumi
5th Mile Dimapur