Remove All Illegal Settlements At Intangki: GPRN/NSCN

GPRN/NSCN, in the interest of the Nagas, issue this press statement to clarify certain misgivings and misconceptions borne out of misleading propagandas by individuals and groups with vested interest on the question of Intangki National Reserve Forest. GPRN/NSCN firmly believes that Nagas must protect and preserve Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary against encroachers and illegal settlers irrespective of tribe or party. What belongs to all Nagas must be preserved for all Nagas. Any illusion that Intangki wildlife sanctuary belongs to a particular tribe or community, through explicit or implicit policy from any quarter shall be confronted head on by the Nagas. The forceful occupation of Nagaland by India awakened little Nagas to fight against mighty India. Let this be a lesson to all wannabe owners of Intangki National Reserve Forest. 

GPRN/NSCN wishes to point out the fact to the Naga people that hundreds of hectres of Intangki reserve forest have been divided amongst IM officials namely A K Lungalang, Raising, Hangshi, Puni, Khuyao, Markson, Lumba, Ape, Ashiho Mao and a host of others, turning a large chunk into private orchards and farms. Any Naga doubting this fact can visit Intangki wildlife sanctuary. These greedy men are the real encroachers of our National property. At a joint council meeting in the month of September 2007, at Hebron Camp, V.S Atem tried to explain the equal status of both Inavi village and Beisumpuikam Village to Th. Muivah but unfortunately V.S Atem was embarrassingly shut up with rebuke in presence of all Kilonsers, Dy. Kilonsers and Tatars. Who is playing with the sentiments of the Nagas at Intangki Reserve forest and for how long? What is the true intention of IM burning down a single village while letting the rest remain as they are inside the wildlife sanctuary? It is a terrible exhibition of injustice, a mockery of the so-called national principle. Rather than preserving the National property, it confirms their long standing ambition of occupying the area themselves in connivance with the state administration. Personal and communal tone is best avoided but alas, it is so much visible. Future generations will curse the present should Nagas fail to salvage Intangki wildlife sanctuary from the greedy scoundrels. 

GPRN/NSCN demand Nagaland state government to immediately evict all illegal encroachments, settlements and farms including Beisumpuikam Village and others within Intangki reserve forest. The utter injustice and cowardice displayed by the Nagaland State Government in the face of crucial test of character and integrity is inexplicable. Half-baked statements issued bereft of any moral conviction will not serve the purpose.  

GPRN/NSCN call upon the Naga Hoho, ENPO, Presidents/Chairmen all Naga tribal Hohos, GBs, NSF, NMA and other non-partisan Naga organisations to rise above the stench of tribalism and ensure that future Naga generations benefit from the truth that we uphold today.

Publicity Cell,