Report on Interim Order

KOHIMA, SEPTEMBER 6 (DIPR): A long standing dispute between Iphonumi and Khutsami villages has been settled in the presence of Deputy Commissioners of Zunheboto, Phek and Kohima, President Sumi Hoho and President, Chakhesang Public Organisation.

After hearing the views from both the parties, namely the representatives of Iphonumi and Khutsami villages and also from the President of the two tribal hohos as mentioned above and after deliberation, the following interim order was passed on September 4, 2007 with the following conditions in the interest of both villages involved and in order to avoid the issue escalating into tribal, public communal clash: That both parties agreed to abide by the judgment order passed by C.R. Pawsey, the then Deputy Commissioner of Naga Hills on January 18 and 19, 1946.

That both parties are to abide by the interim order and maintain peace, tranquility in the area till final demarcation is carried out. Violation of this order will amount to breach of trust and in default thereof a collective fine of Rs. 2 Lakhs (Rupees Two Lakhs) shall be imposed.

This interim order comes into immediate effect till further orders; this interim order was issued by the Commissioner, Nagaland.