Response to V Nagi over claims

Dimapur, April 27 (MExN): “Former” General Secretary of NNC V Nagi is criticized for making “many unbecoming statements upon the NNC– CEC members and vice president Mr. Kiumukam.” A rejoinder appended only as being from “MIP NNC” was received here today.  Nagi’s allegations were “totally baseless,” the note stated. The note referred to what it called “the 29th march meeting” for which the “MIP NNC” said was clearly a “shunning trick.”
The NNC members tried to contact him where the place for meeting was but “he either switch off his phone or not response to its members even on phones,” the note said. “More over, some Sumi regional officials contacted Mr. V Nagi, for the meeting enquired about the place – but he flatly refused because they have not taken oath of allegiance so you are not allow to attend the meeting,” the note explained. Questioning why Nagi “refused the working NNC members and invites some known butchers in the meeting to adopt the official resolution” the “MIP NNC,” note wondered it the meeting could be called official. “The NNC members and its officials informed to all concerned to attend the meeting on April 6th and 8th consecutively in order to mend the past ugly incidents but he gave a strong bitter promulgation to the publics and even some N.N.C members not to attend the meeting calls – was he not the one who sparely sowing the ism among the nation’s loving peoples?”
Nagi has also “committed an emotional drastic violations” of “yehzabo article 37, 22, & 28” by suspending the “vice president and cabinet without reasons,” the note stated.
The “MIP NNC” note also explained that on February 14, 2008, Panger Walling “awesomely tendered his resignation” as president “saying that he becomes old and on health ground – therefore, the house accepted his resignation on the above date.”
The note wondered that Panger Walling had tendered his resignations “on health ground and old age etc – so, is he becomes young man again to accept as the working President or was he hypnotized by some one’s whim?”
The note also mentioned 12 persons who are said to be ‘NNC regional advisors and CEC members.’