Revelation of God for Nagas through Retd Pastor Theputso, Chairman of Naga Shisha Hoho on October 11, 2022.

1.  “The Return of Naga Sovereignty”
The Sovereignty of Nagas shall have no other pillar but solely established on the eternal living pillar of Jesus Christ.
Nagas, uphold the NNC plebiscite conducted through thumb impression with blood and proclaim, (Akijü Akijü, Atsa Atsa “(My land is my land, my people are my people – (“tsa” denotes people and not forest), “n kijü n kijü, ntsa ntsa” (your land is your land and your people are your people) and come out of bondage.
Then I shall let the Nagas stand on the eternal living pillar of Jesus Christ from which an ever flowing fountain shall come forth and I shall let the Nagas utilize it in their works.
The fate of Nagas shall be solely upon my word, Nagas, bear my words in your wind.

2. Three points covenant of Nagas with God
From the beginning, NNC Plebiscite and FGN made this 3 Points Covenant under Heaven and earth with God through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. In the final days it will come to pass that with this 3 Points Covenant, Nagas and the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus shall cease to suffer the burden of earthly turmoil and make it a case for the Heavenly Father to concede.
I.    NNC-"No. 64". Through this number of our Lord, Nagas were guided to form the NNC. (8×8=64). (No.'8' denotes the number of Christ)
II.    Plebiscite -"No. 72". Through this number of our Covenant. Nagas were guided to conduct the Plebiscite. (8x9=72)
III. FGN-"No. 12" Through this number of the Holy Spirit, Nagas were guided to for the FGN. (3x4=12).
In this manner, with God- the Alpha and the Omega, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Nagas made this 3 Points Covenant. In the end, it shall come to pass that based on this Covenant the earthly answer shall be declared and make His name complete to begin the reign of the Almighty God.