Right attitude leads you to success!

What is “attitude”? Attitude is our inward feeling expressed by our behaviour. Attitude is our outlook to life, based on our past experiences. It is that which draws people towards us or repels them. When a person’s attitude is positive, it is conducive to growth and progress. A hardened attitude on the other hand leads to a closed mind.

How important is our attitude? Let’s compare the attitude of two salesmen who were sent to an island to sell shoes. The first salesman, on arriving on the island, was shocked when he saw that no one on the island was wearing shoes. Immediately, he sent a telegram back to the Head Office saying “Will return home tomorrow. No one wears shoes.” The second salesman, on arriving at the island, was confronted with the same sight. However, he joyfully telegraphed back, “Please send me 10,000 shoes. Everyone here needs them.”

Two men came to the same place and saw the same thing – both perceived something totally different. The difference was in their attitude. One saw it as the beginning of a new opportunity, while the other saw it as the end. A negative person always sees only the worst side of things. He sees only the problems, while a positive person sees the good in everything, the silver lining behind every cloud.

There are some basic truths about how our attitude affects our sincere and our outlook to life. Our attitude determines our approach to life. It determines what we expect from life – whether we are preparing to take off or heading for a crash. Most times, it is our attitude that is the only difference between success and failure. Often, our attitude at the beginning of a task will affect its outcome more than anything else. Our attitude can turn problems into blessings.

To those with a positive attitude brings out the best in them. They are like kites rising against the wind – when the adverse winds of criticism and failure blow against them, instead of bowing and bending before it, they use it as a lever to rise. They try and turn adverse situation into positive and helpful ones.

Some of the greatest works in the English language were written when their authors were imprisoned and behind bars. Robinson Crusoe was written in prison by Defoe. John Bunyan wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress while in Bedford jail. Sir Walter Raleigh wrote his History of the world during a 13 years imprisonment in the tower. For 10 years, Dante, the author of Divine Comedy, worked in exile and under the sentence of death. Beethoven was almost totally deaf and burdened with sorrow when he produced his greatest symphonies.

If we start the day with a spring to our steps, a song on our lips and a smile on our face, we are more likely to have a wonderful day. The future not only looks bright when the attitude is right, but the present is also much more enjoyable.

We feel and accept an attitude at an early age, based on circumstances and surroundings, but as we grow we should mould it to develop into a positive attitude. When faced with obstacles, you may believe that you are the only one facing difficulty. At such times, it is inspiring to read about the great men who initially faced repeated failures and rejections – yet overcame them because they had the right attitude. Enrico Caruso, the Italian tenor singer, was told by one of his teachers that his voice sounded like the wind whistling through the windows. Henry Ford forgot to put a reverse gear in his first car. Yet, these very same people, who were told that they could ‘never do something’ or ‘forgot one of the most basic things’, achieved greatness in their respective fields. They did not get disheartened or disillusioned. They considered their failures to be stepping stones on the road to achievement and fame. The persistence of a person who encounters failure is often a sign of a healthy attitude. Winners don’t quit!

Almost everyone is aware of the phenomenal success of the McDonald chain of restaurants, everywhere in the world. But not everyone knows that the guiding philosophy of their executives is “Press on”. “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence – talent will not; nothing is more common in this world than unsuccessful men with talent – genius will not; the world is full of educated men who have not made it. Persistence and determination are the cornerstones of success.”

If you think you are a winner, you will win. Believe in your worth, have purpose to start with. For it is you who determines the course that you sail.

Tokato G. Sumi, President
Dimapur Sumi Students’ Union
41 Churches Colony Dimapur