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Rio releases PDA’s Common Minimum Programme

Neiphiu Rio and others during the release of PDA’s Common Minimum Programme in Kohima on May 9. (Morung Photo)


Our Correspondent

Kohima | May 9


Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio today released the Common Minimum Programme (CMP) of the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) here today.


A broad guideline for the PDA government to implement during its tenure, CMP outlines the focus and prioritized areas of the State government.


Meanwhile, the PDA government called upon all sections of the people to come forward and extend support to the State government “in our common endeavour of improving the overall welfare of all sections of the people.”


On political front, the CMP stated the PDA will play the role of an active facilitator to the ongoing Indo-Naga political negotiations.


The PDA extended support to early resolution of the Naga political imbroglio through a politically negotiated agreement that honours the history and political rights of the Nagas and one that is inclusive and acceptable to the people.


“The PDA government commits that it will not come in the way of any agreement that comes about from the peace process and will pave the way for an alternative arrangement that may be required for implementation of the political agreement,” it stated.


The CMP added that the PDA will ensure a stable, firm and decisive government in the state that will be transparent and accountable, ensuring justice and equity with zero tolerance for corruption.


On connectivity, it outlined to ensure quality in construction of road by engaging modern technology, connect all district headquarters by all weather roads, make efforts to complete the Foothill Expressway with assistance from the Government of India etc.


The PDA also assured to introduce a new industrial policy that will emphasize on empowering of local enterprise and promoting the private sector and Nagaland as an investment destination.


Make in Nagaland will be the most important thrust in the new industrial policy and the aim will be to make Nagaland a producing state and not just a consuming people, it added.


The CMP will also ensure provision of latest equipments to all district hospitals and PHCs and upgrade all district hospitals to multi-specialty centres.


It further stated that student scholarship will be released on time and timely release of teachers’ salary will be ensured.


It also outlined to provide insurance scheme for illness or deaths of students studying outside the state.


Right to Education will be implemented in letter and spirit, the CMP stated, adding that regulation for private institutions on safety of transportations, monitoring of staffs and teachers, hygiene and essential facilities will be put into place.


On Eastern Nagaland, the CMP stated that development of infrastructure for administration on the lines of mini-secretariats will be pursued to bring administration to the doorsteps of the people and improve overall delivery mechanism.


A committee comprising of government representatives, civil society organizations, NGOs etc will be set up for recruitment of government vacancies, it stated.


All round development of infrastructure beginning with improvement and development of roads and bridges will be initiated.


On tourism, it outlined to elevate the Hornbill Festival to make it one of South Asia’s premier culture events. A new tourism policy will be drawn up, it stated


The CMP added that the PDA government will support meritocracy and ensure that merit is rewarded and hard work is recognized. “A culture of meritocracy will be promoted by ensuring transparency, merit, fairness and delivery of justice in the functioning of the government.”


The CMP also touched on many areas like social security & insurance, differently-abled, senior citizens, empowering the fourth estate, youth employment & poverty alleviation, women & child, sports & youth affairs, rural development, urban development & housing, power, forest & environment, animal husbandry & veterinary, agriculture etc.