Rio solves the biggest challenge of AKM 2008

The biggest challenge for Mongsenyimti Village to host 2008 Ao Students Conference (AKM) was the heavy financial burden of widening and blacktopping the approach road from National Highway No. 61 to Mongsenyimti Village covering a distance of 3 (three) Km. to able easy and convenient movement of vehicles for commuting delegates and visitors during the conference.

On this vital issue, a team led by S. Lima Temjen, President JDU, Sentitongzuk GB representative Mongsenyimti Village Council and Lanusungit, Treasurer, representative Planning Committtee, AKM 2008, met the Honorable Chief Minister on 3/4/06 at Kohima. The team appealed to the Chief Minister to help solve the big challenge of the expenses of widening and blacktopping the approach road. The Honorable Chief Minister patiently listened to the humble appeal and subsequently agreed to sanction the required fund for the Chief Ministers Road Development Fund, thereby, solving the big challenge of 2008 AKM at Mongsenyimti.

On behalf of the Mongsenyimti Village the team highly express gratitude and gratification to the Honorable Chief Minister for his magnanimous help for the novel cause.

Imtitongzuk GB, MVC
Lanusungit, Treasurer AKM