Role Model Students

As the Nagaland Board of Secondary Education (NBSE) examination results was declared it was only expected that there would be the few from among thousands coming out on top. While it is true that there can be only one topper or the select few who come in the top twenty or fifty, yet we should appreciate and honour their achievements. There is always a reason why things happen as it does. Likewise, the students who have excelled in the NBSE exams are also probably those who would have done something better than the rest (of the crowd) to reach to the top. A topper need not be the one from the most popular school or belonging to the elite section of society. For instance, this year’s topper Yimkum I Ozukum comes from a little known school (St.Mary’s Hr.Sec.School, Padampukhuri, Dimapur) and is from a modest background. Hard work and the right guidance at home and in school are more important than the ‘name and place of the school’. Even if you send your children to the best most expensive schools with all the facilities, unless a student has the right quality and attitude in life, he or she may not live up to the expectation.
It seems to be the case (proven many times) that to achieve good results in life (beyond just NBSE exams) one must cultivate those qualities that go to make such a person. In fact we are talking about the simple things in life such as hard work, honesty, right attitude and values etc. And then we need a balance in life and off-course consistency. The importance of consistency in whatever work we do has been proven once again by the testimony of the NBSE topper. “Nothing is impossible if one is consistent”. This is indeed one of the secret of achieving success whether in our schools, offices or in other missions of life.
At a time when Nagas are engaged with the tragic and bitter past; despondency of the present and hope for the future, we need to seriously reflect upon what we need to get right. There are many things to be done and one of which is to not only invest in our children’s future but also cultivate the right values of life. Parents should be encouraged to instill the right values in their children—of honesty, hard work and striving for excellence. If our children have these qualities, they may not top the exams but atleast our society will be assured of good and useful citizens. The behaviour of some of our young people is not very encouraging. They have no respect for authority or their teachers. They are prone to ‘misbehaving’ and bunking classes. Some few months back several students were rounded up for drinking and loitering around booze joints. Even the way they are dressed is unbecoming of what a student should be like.  
We need to sell the success stories of the few ‘role model students’. Our future Naga society demands useful citizens who can contribute in the various aspect of nation building. Recent incidents of rape, murder, extortion, cheating, land encroachment and other corrupt practices and illegality in Naga society is indicative of our moral degeneration as a people. One area that must be given importance is on value education like peace, love, honesty, discipline, punctuality, loyalty, goodness etc. And isn’t this the need of the hour for the Naga people? Today’s parents are also much better placed to guide their children into becoming useful citizens of our society. Parents will hopefully learn from the tragic experience/s of the past that Naga society had to go through. If we do not learn then we are bound to repeat the same mistakes.