‘Saif likes me in bikini’

Kareena Kapoor is undoubtedly one of the most versatile actresses of the decade gone by. But it is Bebo's sex appeal that comes up for discussion at regular intervals.
On being asked why even the most recognised actresses crave for titles like sexy and hot, Bebo in her candid style says, "I love being called sexy. But then I'm equally charged about being recognised as a good actress. In my case, I first won notices for my work and then when the size zero phase happened, people started noticing my physical attributes. To me, the important fact is that I have got recognition as an actor. Now being called pretty, sexy, hot, powerful or any such thing is also flattering."
Ms Sensuous Kapoor, however, has vowed not to wear bikinis on screen anymore. And her reasons for this decision are surprising. One would imagine it is her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan who had put a spoke in the wheel. But Bebo says, "The bikini is a highly overrated garment. For me it has lost its' novelty. I have worn it twice on screen. In Tashan (2008) and in Kambakkht Ishq (2009). However my fans preferred me in Jab We Met (2007), 3-Idiots (2009) and Golmaal-3 (2010) where I stayed steered clear of exposing. I don't have the patience to go through the whole regimen that needs to be in place for your body to look bikini-perfect. So I've decided that I will not wear a bikini on screen again."
The actress however admits that we will get to see a flash of thigh and cleavage in some of her upcoming movies. Says Kareena, "The songs of RA.1 are hot, but in Bodyguard there is no skin show. In Agent Vinod too there is more style and pizzazz than any actual exposure. In Short Term Shaadi I'm playing a bohemian character."
Oh, and what are Saif's views on her decision not to wear bikini again? Does he also share her fans' view point? Flashing a naughty smile, her brown-eyes twinkling with laughter, Bebo says, "Saif likes me in a bikini. He has no issues with it. Saif actually prefers me glamourous. He liked me in Kambakkht Ishq; he thought I was very hot in it. He says that it is his personal choice but he doesn't necessarily want me to abide by it. Saif likes it when I use a bit of make-up and dress fashionably rather than when I step out looking like a plain-Jane."