Save Nagaland

David Sera

Nagaland is facing difficult situation. There are many pressures acting on the state simultaneously. As part of a developing nation, it is essential that the development and progress of the state must be in step with at least other states of the region. Two factions of NSCN are engaged in the fight to finish and made the state inaccessible to those who can initiate and enhance the pace of progress. They are also extorting money from the public and business community causing economic hardships to common people. Move of their cadres within and around Zunheboto, Satakha, Phek, Dimapur, Athibung, Medziphema and other areas indicate their willful defiance of Cease Fire Ground Rules when their leaders are engaged in endless meetings and plots to muster resources to kill each other giving scant regards to the sentiments, emotions and concerns of the people. Talks with the Government of India by one faction have reportedly reached at a critical juncture whereas the other factions are keeping the options open to generate pressures as per their understanding, suitability, and perception of events post agreement.

There appears to be no doubt that the State Government is sincerely committed to process of development. However, the public is divided and confused and is not prepared to take stand on the issue. The slogans and threats raised by the factions are keeping the public away from adopting the stand against exploitation. At times one gets the impression that the society is giving last chance to various forces to sort out their acts. Resentment is building up at Phek, Zunheboto, Satakha, Medziphema and Dimapur to push the demons of disturbance into dust bin. People are watching the events with their eyes wide 9open and expect their sentiments to be respected. People demand that the cadres should move to their designated camps, stop extortion and killings and early solution to the political problem of Nagaland. The stance and position of Government of India, Government of Nagaland, NSCN (K) and NSCN (IM) must be made known to the public giving out their aims and expectations so that it helps the public to make its mind to take an informed decision to save the state from the clutches of miseries and secure the future for themselves and their children.