Scooter taxis touted as alternative transport in Kohima

Ketholeno Neihu
Kohima | November 27   

The problems of poor road infrastructure and traffic congestion continue to plague the Nagaland state capital, Kohima, with frustrated commuters often stuck in monotonous lines of unmoving cars in a narrow two-lane road on a daily basis.

 A smart solution suiting the town’s need is imperative and two-wheelers as an alternative sure to offer easy access to congested places or traffic while also improving on last mile connectivity.  

‘2Up’ Scooter Taxi Service was launched a few days back with the tag line ‘Always on the go’ offers the alternative. The service was launched on a pilot basis for a week in the capital.  

The service is a private startup courtesy a young entrepreneur Kenei Mezhur Sekhose, who informed that there are 10 such yellow coloured scooters at present.  

The service also bears logistics with a driver code 108; and helmets and jackets for driver and passengers. Passengers are also given disposable shower caps.  

The start-up is also in the process of adding more logistics and app-based solutions, Sekhose added.  

While the trial run was met with some apprehension in the initial stages, he stated that they also received numerous positive reviews. He informed that the lack of a standing government policy or permit for two wheeler taxis in the state was a last hour confrontation.  

The rides follow stoppage points like taxis and buses in Kohima and charge a minimal fare of Rs 30 per ride per person. Alezo, who commuted on one of the bikes during the trial run, said that the venture was an “unexpected but a much needed and conventional one.”  

“Traffic problems have elevated due to more private cars. This is extremely helpful in times of emergency,” he said.’   The venture meanwhile also envisions to provide more employment avenues to youths. The drivers, while not salaried, pay a daily fee to the proprietor, and pocket the rest for themselves.  

Sekhose added that after the cost of the bikes is recovered, more bikes will be availed for the same purpose.  

“I want to undertake a socially challenging endeavor and see what I can give back to society,” the 27-year old maintained, informing that 2Up will be officially rolled out very soon.