Seasonal Message and a Call for Fasting Prayer

Rev. Seksim Kasar
General Secretary, CNC

God created this beautiful world and he apportioned this part of land to us, the Nagas. We are to be his good stewards. But sad to say, our land has been filled with strife and immorality. It has been tom into pieces, families divided, and hearts broken with dissatisfaction. It seems so many people are disappointed and are in the state of bitterness and hopelessness. It means we are almost to the point of failure of our responsibility towards God and nation.

But today; we want to call on all God loving and freedom loving people not to be disappointed. We would like to encourage you to take heart and cheer up yourself as you look up to God whose love never fails. He will not forsake you and me. The only thing we need is to return to him trusting in his promises. Can we believe in the trustworthy saying of the Bible “He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all-how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?” Rom 8:32 NIV. Brothers and sisters let us not be discouraged. Today, no matter, what people may say or write or do, let us go back to God. Let us fix our eyes to God and our ears to what he says only.

To bring peace to all, only one man, JESUS, was needed and Jesus needed a few good faithful men and women. Today Jesus needs more faithful men and women for peace in the land. Can Jesus count on you in this peace mission? At one point time, to liberate Israel, God needs only three hundred good soldiers under General Gideon. Today God needs more faithful soldiers to liberate our land the just right of the Nagas. Can God count you as enlisted soldier today in this liberation movement? To fight the spiritual war against Baal worshipers, God needed only one man, Elijah, but later God added seven thousand strong band to Elijah’s spiritual movement. Today God called everyone to be in this band of the saints. Can you enlist yourself in the service of God?

If you are willing to enlist, this is the season to do so. Refresh and prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. It was in this season that God gave his best gift ‘JESUS’ to mankind. They received Jesus with all gladness. Let us also receive God’s gift with thankfulness. So as those older people brought precious gifts, let us also bring our best gifts to God that is, our body undefiled, our minds and hearts with all purity and our spirit without blemish. God will be happy to bless us as we do so.

Brothers and sisters, season to celebrate Christmas has come. But how are you preparing for celebration? Is it a time for joy in God or a time for orgy? Think about it seriously. It is a time to prepare oneself to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in right motive and right spirit in the Lord. It is the time to receive God’s great blessings. It is also the season to receive gift from friends and near and dear ones. It is also the season to give good gifts to others and send greetings, write good messages, articles, and spread the glad tidings. It is also the time to put an end to enmity. It is also the time to receive and embrace each other. It is also the time to re-dedicate our lives to the Lord. It is also the time to leave the old lifestyle and refresh ourselves for the new life. It is the very  point of time where we are to say Good Bye to your old folly habit “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly. “ (Prov 26: 11 NIV) Yes, let us prepare ourselves for the better and nobler life in the Lord, and celebrate Merry Christmas and the Happy New Year with that newness of life. Therefore, let us be praying.

By the will of God, some time ago we have called on all national workers for a-three-day fasting in December 1-17/06. As for CHQ & STF December 15-17 has been set aside. The Prayer items announced were as follows,

1.    Let us Repent first and seek God’s blessing.
2.    Let us Pray for God’s forgiveness and his healing touch to the Nagas.
3.    Let us Pray for peace of our people / land, like Israelites prayed for the peace of Jerusalem.
4.    Let us Pray for the widows, Orphans, Prisoners and Sick people.
5.    Let us Pray for the Indian Leaders, and Naga National Leaders.
6.    Let us Pray for early honorable solution to Indo-Naga political conflict.

We have also scheduled time for the departments as below. Would anybody like to join us in prayer he/she is most welcome. We wish all churches in the land have fasting prayer with us on these dates.

1.    On 15/12/06, all members-staff of Secretariats and STF.
2.    On 16/12/06, all members of NSWON, Widows’ Federation, and CNC.
3.    On 17/12/07, all Tatars, Kilonsers, Steering, and CNC.

The reason we proclaim fasting-prayer is because God willed to do so. The reason we should respond is because we ought not to disobey God. The reason I wrote this short message is because we should not fail our responsibility as God’s Stewards over the land and live the right life. Everyone in the land must not fail his/her life-service to the Creator-Savior. God loves all therefore he gives this finest opportunity. Let us not fail ourselves. God help you. Amen.