Selena Gomez shares how boyfriend Benny Blanco embarrassed her in front of Jason Segel

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Los Angeles, February 25 (IANS) Singer-actress Selena Gomez recently appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, and shared the moment when her boyfriend Benny Blanco left her embarrassed.

The actress shared an incident from the Primetime Emmy Awards show when she met actor Jason Segel, who is known for his role of Marshall Eriksen in the sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

The actress is a huge fan of the sitcom and Jason.

During the show, she narrated how there was a little mix-up between her and Jason at the Primetime Emmys venue, when she mistook him waving at someone else to being greeted by him.

Selena told the show host, “Jason Segel just happened to be at the Emmys, and he looked at me and started waving”.

She felt excited at the Emmys, thinking Jason recognised her since she is a huge fan of the actor and the sitcom.

Selena further mentioned, “This is kind of embarrassing. This is such a weird habit, but every night I fall asleep to the same show.”

She revealed that when Segel waved at her, she instinctively waved back at him. She said, "I was like, 'Oh, hi!'."

However, Selena soon realised that Segel wasn't actually waving at her, leading to a slightly awkward situation.

However, for her, the worst was yet to come as her boyfriend had hit the final nail in the coffin.

Jason realised what had happened and slowly began to approach her.

“He felt awkward and then inclined to come over,” she explained the situation.

“And then my boyfriend goes, ‘Oh, she falls asleep to you every night.”