Selena says she's not 'high maintenance', reveals her 'standards' for boyfriend

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IANS Photo

Los Angeles, September 2 (IANS): Actress-singer Selena Gomez, who has previously romanced Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, said that contrary to popular perception, she's "not maintenance" at all.

"I think I have standards, and I think I live in a world right now where boys confuse standards with high maintenance. It really isn't (the same thing)," Gomez told SiriusXM Hits 1, reports

On her new song, 'Single Soon', Selena says she's "a little bit high maintenance, but I'm worth a try."

The singer said that she has certain standards and expectations of her partners. She shared: "The line was really fun because I'm not ashamed to say, 'I actually require X, Y, and Z for you to be with me.' So, in a way, it was just meant to be for the attitude of the song. And that's genuinely how I feel."

Selena wants her next boyfriend to be "cool."

She added: "Not cool in the sense that people think you're cool. You just gotta be nice and, like, please make me laugh and also just be good to my family and people around you."

Last year, she shard that she's prepared to risk heartbreak in pursuit of finding love. The chart-topping star remains determined to find love, despite her previous setbacks.

Selena told the 'On Purpose' podcast: "I feel like giving myself completely to something is the best way I can love. But I never wanted the pain that I endured to put some sort of guard on myself - an armour if you will - and I never let that happen because I still believe and I still hope."