Self-employment ventures’ your best bet – Azo

Phek, Jan 12 (MExN): Asserting the government cannot provide jobs to all persons in its various establishments because the avenues are now highly saturated, Minister for Agriculture (Azo) Kuzholuzo Nienu today advised youths to involve in self-employment ventures in the state.

“So, go for ideas for self-employment and how to generate income, money. Today, people buy ideas and sell them at a higher profit. Come up with innovative ideas and sell them to the government and use for your self,” he exhorted while gracing the Diamond anniversary celebrations of Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU)/Khezhakeno Students Union (KSU)’s golden Jubilee celebration here.

The minister said the ruling DAN government has been providing many facilities for loans and subsidies to farmers, students and those from other walks of life with the focus on educated unemployed youths. “So avail all these by giving your support and cooperation to the government because DAN is a people’s government because of our deep concern for the people,” Azo said.

Youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow and to fulfill the aspirations of elders, discipline is a must. In a child’s education, the role of parents is of paramount significance. And so, “don’t shift the blame to teachers, schools and colleges if something goes wrong”. 

According to Azo “your family, your household is an educational institution and in fact a karate school which teaches you self defense is also an educational institution as is any of the numerous places where they teach some specialty or the other”. The minister also emphasized on the imperative for maintaining punctuality for any occasion since “time is the most important things we have in our lives; if you live up to time you’ll be successful in anything that you strive for.”  Azo reiterated that if students use time accordingly, “we can have a bright future.” He also donated Rs.1 lakh to the CSU’s fund.

Earlier, CSU president Vevoyi D Vadeo said ‘quality education is much more important than quantity education’. He lamented that “our present education system has become rather outdated because they were basically designed to cater to white collar jobs in government establishments which is already reeling under saturation.” 

As such, perhaps the state’s education system needs to be revised and take into account vocational prospects said Vevoyi and urged fellow-students to “make special endeavor in acquiring education and be equipped with skill, the need to face reality and compete in global markets and accumulate assets.”

The student leader further said CSU undertook various programmes in the preceding year. These included mass-tree plantations, care projects covering awareness seminars on Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and HIV/AIDS in Phek district; literacy campaigns, participation in NSF Martyrs Memorial (Football) Trophy, review of shortcomings of the proposed Delimitation, the 2001 population census as well as promotion of peace and restraining factional violence.