Senior Citizens Association of Nagaland makes an appeal

Nagaland like other developing states in the North East of India and other developing communities all over the world is today faced with many challenges with regard to quality of life, availability of services and other problems of livelihood. The world in general is also undergoing rapid changes due to the Information Technology Revolution and resultant evolution of new value systems of consumerism and rise of multinational conglomerates. Advantages and ills of globalisation and changing geopolitics compounded by rise of radical political movements are felt everywhere including our State. The unimaginable possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), both good and bad, climate change and global warming also looms large on the horizon for mankind and Nagaland too is today standing on the crossroads and threshold of all these opportunities.

In this kind of a scenario, informed and experienced senior citizens have much to offer in the form of matured, reasonable and wise counsel and road map to the policy makers and the younger generation for peaceful, sustainable and healthy development and progress of the State and its citizens. However individual voices and opinions tend to be overwhelmed and ignored by the present generation’s rush for wealth and personal gains. In fact senior citizens in Nagaland are being relegated to the background and ignored because we are not organised properly in most parts of the State except for the State level Senior Citizens Association of Nagaland (SCAN) at Kohima.

The SCAN therefore appeals to all senior citizens (above 60 years of age) of Nagaland to join/enroll in the Senior Citizens Association of Nagaland at its headquarter at Kohima and units in the district headquarters. Senior citizens in the districts where the Association is not organised/formed are urged to organise themselves and form district branches/units of SCAN at the earliest in consultation with the State Level office bearers. All senior citizens are requested to take serious note of this appeal seriously and to initiate appropriate action so that together we can strengthen senior citizens legitimate place in society insuring a life with purpose, dignity and peace; pursue avenues for rightful access to services and facilities; to make our collective and objective voice of experience and wisdom heard for the good of our society and humanity.

For any queries and further details contact: Dr R Rose (7085667014) and Dr P Khala (9436011218)
Dr Khanlo Magh, President SCAN
Dr R Rose, General Secretary SCAN