Serving Savor: New journey for Akiya Jamir

Allia Tzudir 
Dimapur | January 17

What started as a hobby to earn her pocket money, led Akiya Jamir to the process of becoming a baker. With time she received orders and also enquiries kept coming in asking if she had made anything new, which motivated and encouraged Akiya to try more recipes and hone her skills. Soon this led her to run a home based bakery in Mokokchung. Today she caters cakes and desserts for various occasions.

Akiya Jamir, who holds a Masters of Arts in Philosophy from Hyderabad Central University, said her ‘first ever sale was a banana cake which she sold for Rs 80.’ Baking as a business happened naturally since her mother already had a small business selling donuts and pickles. Since her younger days, she loved trying out recipes from newspaper and magazine clippings, the young baker said. 

“Internet was not as free as today and there was no online shopping, so finding ingredients and packaging materials was not easy. In hindsight though, the unavailability pushed me to be innovative and get creative. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention,” Akiya reflects in an interview.

Her trials trying to bake more often would end up in the dustbin. Her mother whom she is forever grateful for, despite their financial struggle, always allowed her to experiment with recipes. 

When asked if she ever thought of giving up, Akiya replied, ‘Once in a while, there comes days when things just don’t work out and I get totally exasperated but those frustrations last only until the completion of the orders. So thoughts of giving up ever lasted more than a couple of hours.’

Akiya has saved money and invested in a baking equipment every year. Since 2015, the year she started taking orders, her business has been going well as there was increase in orders. She was surprised too that the orders were flowing in even during the covid period. 

Some of her popular cakes are baked cheese cakes, chiffon cakes with fruit filling and dessert cakes like lemon on a cloud and Meringue peaches and cream. In the desserts, the popular ones include Lemon Soufflé, Panna Cottas and Meringue based desserts.

Akiya had recently taken loan from SBI Bank Mokokchung to open her very own storefront for her home bakery which she is ‘super excited to finally own her own store.’ The name of her bakery will be ‘Savor’. Savor means ‘to taste and enjoy food/drink to the full’. She wants her customers to experience the very meaning when they buy her products. 

“Hopefully the storefront will be up and running by February,” Akiya added. 

The writer is a student of BA-Communication English in Jyoti Nivas Autonomua College, Bangalore. She is currently an intern in The Morung Express.