Professor Timothy Kaping

Because of her wrong policies, instead of being one of the world’s economic superpowers, India is a land of poverty and beggars. Even after 59 years of self-rule and massive assistance from many rich countries and international community, India still sends out one SOS after the other for help. One of the main reasons for this mess is due to her unnecessary military spending. During the early days of the ongoing Indo-Naga peace talks, one senior Indian bureaucrat pointed out in a brief moment of sincerity: “India is a poor country, and we cannot keep on spending so much of our meagre resources on the maintenance of security forces at the expense of other areas which are crying out for urgent attention.” Indian rulers indeed need to go for introspection and not keep on spending so much on buying arms and hiring foreigners from Nepal etc. to carry out its inhuman crimes. Against this background and the thousands of Indian jails being filled to the brims with petty law-breakers whose only crimes were stealing morsels of bread to fill their empty stomachs, one wonders the true meaning of the word “democracy”, for India prides itself as the biggest democracy in the world. It is amazing that those millions of jobless Indians and street dwellers and countless beggars readily available in all the Indian towns and villages are denied any voice whatsoever. And it is all the more shocking that some fools think that the national salvation of Nagalim lies with this poverty-stricken India which is considered by many as a “failed state.” Also, as the world is made to know more about India’s hopelessness, many are questioning the wisdom of India in grabbing neighbouring free countries like Nagalim.

The whole world is laughing at India for calling herself as “a land of Ahimsa” when in reality it is a big house of brutality. As American ANS on 29 May 2006 quoted Grace Collins, Honorary Ambassador of Nagalim in Washington DC, saying: “India is a member of the United Nations and, normally, when you become a member of the United Nations, you pledge to adhere to the human rights declaration. But India is violating 24 of the 30 to this day.” 

Another serious human rights violation is the continuing application of the Restricted Area Permit in the Naga areas, making Nagalim the biggest mass concentration camp in the world. Then there is the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, AFSPA (a law that gives the Indian occupation soldiers the right to shoot to kill any Naga on mere suspicion). Mr K Padmanabhaiah, on his first mission as the emissary of the Indian Prime Minister and the leader of the Indian team in the Indo-Naga peace talks, on his own accord said: “As a confident building measure, the Indian government will remove the AFSPA from the Naga areas.” Then, in adherence to their addiction to insincerity and treachery, when we mentioned to the Indian delegates in the next meeting in the same venue (Barbizon Palace, Amsterdam), they (including Shyamal Dutta) vehemently denied ever mentioning the ASFP. We believe in God, and this God of truth and justice was the witness of this shameless lie. 

And, yes, every time the Khaplang group is on the verge of extinction, the Indian intelligence services hurriedly come to its rescue. It is not because they care much for the group which, from the Indian perspective, is from across the border. This leads to the much serious question: Why are the Indian intelligence services probing up the Khaplang group and recklessly playing with fire? They do this purely to put pressure on the NSCN to accept the status quo with slight concessions in some areas. 

I took part in some of the Indo-Naga peace talks and it was quite apparent to me that the word “China” sounds to Indians as the sound “meow” is to rats. India is very scared of her giant neighbour. As every Indian knows that these days Burma is protected by China, India cannot and will not do anything to provoke China, and that means she will not envisage any idea of breaking Burma. The Khaplang group knows perfectly well that the Indo-Naga political issue can be solved by the Indians and the Nagas from the IoN. This practical reality has generated jealousy and desperation for the Khaplang group. Knowing this attitude of the Khaplang group and the ugly plan to pressurize the NSCN to adopt the Indian constitution under duress, the Indian intelligence services had made the Khaplang group to threaten all the frontline Naga civil organisations which are wholeheartedly working to usher in “just peace” both in India and Nagalim through the ongoing Indo-Naga political talks. 

This Khaplang group from the Burmese-occupied Nagalim (BoN) comes to the Indian-occupied Nagalim (IoN) and very absurdly terms the denizens as “foreigners”. The Khaplang group from the BoN wants people to believe that the NSCN headed by Isak Chishi Swu does not belong to the IoN, and that Khaplang alone can solve the political arithmetic of the IoN. It is good that only some fools are paying attention to it and that most of the Nagas know very well that right now we are talking of Indo-Naga conflict and not Burma-Naga conflict. 

Naga civilian leaders told me in 2004 that the Khaplang group has challenged and abused everything on this earth -- condemning individuals and organisations from A-Z and warning the UN, US government, etc. They continued saying: “The only thing the Khaplang group hasn’t done yet is to challenge God.” Is that happening now? The Bible tells us that God alone is the “Alpha and Omega.” This is being disputed now, for the maniac K-group is proclaiming repeatedly from the rooftop that it alone is the “Alpha and Omega.” May God forgive the Khaplang group for the blasphemy!

Then one by one come banning and threatening to murder Naga NGOs, newspapers, student bodies and repeated serving of quit notices to the Tangkhul community. This is madness. No civilized person can accept the brazen travesty of Khaplang group’s animal behaviour. 

The summary of the things mentioned above comes down to these: 

1. Do away with the RAP

2. Repeal the AFSPA

3. India, instead of creating Frankenstein’s monsters which can destroy the Indo-Naga peace process, should distance itself from the destructive Khaplang group and work sincerely to resolve the 50 odd years Indo-Naga conflict.