Shillong Chamber Choir concert at IGS Kohima

Indira Gandhi Stadium (IGS) Kohima will be the concert venue for the Shillong Chamber Choir scheduled on January 4, 2012 starting 4.00pm, this was informed by the   Kohima Village Students Union (KVSU). The concert is organized by the KVUS in aid of Students’ Union Platinum Jubilee celebration in 2012. The tickets cost of tag in three categories – Rs.5,000 for Family, Rs.2000 for Couple /Admit two and Rs.200 for General Category. Tickets outlets are  Kohima Plaza Bakery, Razhü point, Plaza Bakery(Outlet) High school Junction, Plaza Bakery (Outlet) BOC, Big Bites PR Hill Kohima, IT World Old NST, Kohima , Central Park, Near Razhü Point and Home Makers near Razhü Point.