Shillong Chamber Choir to perform in Kohima

Winner of India’s got Talent, Shillong Chamber Choir will perform at the concert being organized by Kohima Village Students’ Union (KVSU) on January 4 in Kohima. The concert will be one of the major events in aid of KVSU’s 75th year Platinum Jubilee.
The organizers of the concert informed that they had to wait for months to get the assent of the Shillong Chamber Choir to perform in Kohima however considering that the highest number of votes they got during the India’s Got Talent competition from the North East state was Nagaland, the team wanted to show their gratitude and appreciation to the people of the state and agreed.
“Considering the status of Kohima village as the 2nd largest village in East Asia, they are very excited and eager to perform for the people of Nagaland”, informed KVSU president K. Kevin.
Primarily, the concert will be organized in aid of the Platinum Jubilee but also in our bid to promote the music industry in the state, we are optimistic that the standard of music in the state will be upgraded, he said.
The Platinum Jubilee celebration will be a year long program and the union will also be setting up a Jubilee band for the Platinum Jubilee celebration as well which will comprise of local artists from Kohima Village, in a bid to provide a platform for exposure.
The tickets for the concert are of 3 categories priced at Rs. 5000 for family, Rs. 2000 for couple entry and Rs. 200 for the general category.