Should the Nagaland State Government first focus on expanding, renovating and improving Dimapur Airport instead of building new one? Why?



Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes. Better to have one well managed, organised with proper facilities than two messed up airports
•    Definitely, it’s a big yes.
•    Yes, by all means.
•    Yes. The proposed Greenfield airport is some odd 60 kms away from Kohima whilst Dimapur is just 75 kms away.
•    Yes. For a small state like Nagaland even one airport is enough. What's the use of so many airports when there is not even proper road transportation system? Appeal to the Nagaland government to kindly upgrade and expand the present airport in Dimapur instead of constructing another one.
•    We need an international standard Greenfield airport because the present Dimapur airport has no scope for expansion due to habitation. However, government should carefully identify a suitable site which is practically feasible. The proposed site at Chiethu did not get AAI clearance for large aircraft and also landing during bad weather as per the report.
•    Yes. Govt should not be extravagant. Renovate the existing infrastructure instead of creating another one, which will in most likelihood be uncared-for just like the current one or worse. The plan is no less than half-baked optimism with neither substance nor feasibility. Almost like a plan pushed by some few 'elites' and higher-middle income class who after traversing through the Kohima-Dimapur road, if it can be considered as road,  were left with bad taste in their mouths, and the 'troubled' by both the tortuous road and the distance they have to covered to reach the airport. No, the plan is just utopian. Instead, give the highways and district roads some love and care with the same enthusiasm.
•    Government should understand the simple logic of 'One in hand is worth than two in the bush!'
•    Common sense suggests it. Even before the not needed Zubza train link government  should expanding Dimapur airport renovating and improvising instead building new airport
•    A bird in hand is better than two in the bush, so I guess it’s better to renovate, improvise what we have at hand till such time a new airport is sanctioned.
•    Yes. First thing first. 
•    No need new  because old  cannot  maintain
•    Yes. With only two carrier and no future for increase, the current infra is more than sufficient


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    The present one is outdated as well as too small. By all means a new state of the art only will do.
•    There is no scope for improvising the existing space.
•    In my point of view, regarding to improved Dimapur Airport. I suggest that better built the new one.
•    The Government must expand, renovate & improve on something what we already have. Then, simultaneously focus on newer project without delays. It is all for the welfare of the common public & why lose the development opportunities. We need leaders willing to sacrifice for the welfare of the people & I'm looking upon the leaders running the state Government.
•    Dimapur airport not feasible due to lack of space. The so called Chiethu proposed airport is of lesser scope. The proposed Razhaphe/Gaili airport recommended by Airport Authority of India should be develop immediately for interest of all Nagas, it can even turn international. Look at Imphal airport and ourself.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    The more the better! And the capital needs an airport. As all administrative works are mostly done in Kohima so a direct flight connected to different parts of India is a necessary. At the same time maintaining Dimapur Airport is also necessary!
•    It has been report from AAI that, many airports are paralysed, sick and non-functioning owing to poor or zero revenue generation. The reasons were because of partisan government and politicians’ pressure. The same fate may experience in new Nagaland airport too. In a state of poor economy, massive corruption and little more the 1 million population, it’s too pessimistic to open a new one. Better maintain the present one in world class features and facilities.
•    I have seen this in Nagaland, we fancy new things, but forget to maintain old stuff. Now MEx Nagaland has come up with the Dimapur airport. We fail to maintain old school and more interested in opening new school. We fail to maintain old hospital, and more interested in opening new hospital. We fail to maintain old roads etc... Sometimes I wish, there was a team of 60 good MLA in Nagaland.