Should schools in Nagaland introduce better physical activity and fitness programmes for students? Why?

Some of those who voted YES said: 
•    Certainly yes! It would be a great plan if the schools initiate such programmes because with the changing world the students must reassure their requirement to develop and play so they are better prepared to focus in any activities. However it does benefit not only in shaping the physical body but also reduces many non-identical diseases. In particular, it enhances one's memory and brain function in which I personally believe that many students will ameliorate in their regular academics as well. In contemporary world a good health is extremely far-reaching in order to comfort our life because both physical and mental well-being muster a sound robust hereafter. It is stated that "Health is wealth" so fundamentally in all facets of life, students must be given an opportunity to carry out to the best of their ability in which I regard that it outstretch to the entryway of success. Nevertheless knowing the fact that both education and health are indispensable for way of living a consequential life so they must be prioritize with both. Without being mentally and physically well-being one will not be able to get decent education or utilize the education consciously. Despite the possibility that education gives development opportunities to students, it is not requisite for holding on to life. Infact, healthy people can sustain oneself regardless of their personal development. Briefly to conclude, as both education and health are equally important so therefore every single student must be given several opportunities to lead a healthy and joyful life.

•    Yes... Our schooling system lacks discipline

•    Yes because this days the children are not found to be engaging in sports outdoor. They simply sit in a group and play mobile games. So if schools can bring that fitness interest in them, it will be helpful for their mental health as well.

•    Outside Nagaland many of the government or private schools students are getting one or more additional skills like karate, swimming, taekwondo etc. So we also should focus on providing some extra skills to the new generation students. So that they can atleast learn something other than their studies. Who knows may be one day we might get one national player from Nagaland itself.

•    "Healthy body produce healthy mind". Introduce right way of physical movements at early stage in school and we can produce WORLD CLASS Athletes.

•    Because school children's are much porn in online activities rather than offline activities these days.

•    Fitness and physical activity are generally very important for any human being, especially for students as they are at a stage where they need these things for their physical and mental growth. Therefore, schools in Nagaland should introduce better physical activity and fitness programs for students.

•    Good Health impacts performance

•    Yes, why, because, it will build their self confidence, studies & first hand experiences has shown it reduces risk of anxiety & depression, better focus on studies & improved health and many more reasons.

•    Healthy body Healthy Mind.

•    To divert them away from Mobile Games to outdoors for better mental and physical health.

•    Education is not only in grades neither in literature as in poetry, essay writing programmes but also on physical activities and many fitness programmes.

•    Yes. we need all round development of students.

•    Yes by all means necessary. In Nagaland, we are so focused only on academic studies, but not on all round development. But how many people excel academically, only a very small percentage. We must promote sports and fitness in our schools. It not only helps in physical fitness but also helps our children to learn how to share, team work and how to take success and failure in their strides.

•    Without physical activities a student will become dull physically and mentally. A student without physical fitness becomes dull which greatly affects his/her emotional well being. Physical activities will help students improve their physical fitness and have a good physical and mental health, which will allow them to perform better in academics.

•    Healthy body and healthy mind go together. Secondly, to excel in sports, talent should be identified at an early age.

•    Yesss... Absolutely. Apart from the many benefits of physical activity, fitness enables an individual to cultivate discipline, resilience and the hard working mentality.

Some of those who voted NO said: 
•    It is unlikely the same will be done when the child is away from the institute. A lot us struggle to maintain strict self discipline. Rather than positive changes, it could reverse the current state before a child opted to engage in so called healthy approaches.

Some of those who voted OTHERS said: 
•    Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that result in energy expenditure. Physical fitness is a set of attributes that are either health or skill-related. The degree to which people have these attributes can be measured with specific tests. There can be no doubt that homes today for school going adolescents are more on indoor activities and less on outdoor activity which is a setback on the all round development of the young ones going forward. Physical activity refers to all movement including during leisure time, for transport to get to and from places, or as part of a person's work. Both moderate- and vigorous-intensity physical activity improve health. Physical activity enhances thinking, learning, and judgment skills. Physical activity ensures healthy growth and development in young people. For schools to invest in better physical activity and fitness programmes, physical education instructors will be needed and at the same time, be sensitised enough to be able to draw different set of programmes for different set of students as a one-size-fits-all methodology will rather be another imposed subject rather than an exploratory activity. Despite differencing environmental situations at home, students to a large extent are explorative in school environments owing to the breathing space available for the mind to venture. But all these will still incur cost and if an institute that hardly has any space for undertaking outdoor activities, much will depend on what benefit changes will have for them as a management and as a learning place. For those with spaces to take on the changes, much will depend on how financial requirements are to be met whether be it imposed on the pupils or the institution going philanthropist. On public institutions, a physical education teacher in a public run institute can be motivated enough to drive pupils dependent on public run institutes when their academic aspirations are either half-fulfilled or fully denied. But will the pupils be motivated enough? An aspect of a learning place is that pupils should be enabled and entitled to the learning place while also encouraged enough to take part in activities that involves the whole of the human anatomy and not just the brain.

•    Including skills development, music, sports

•    Dear mam'/Sir this is one of the best suggestions. Infact @shalompublicschool has implemented this Fitness Activity since 4 years. Even 2022-2023 session- schools like @hope_academy_dimapur @lfi.livingstonefoundation @springblossomsacademy @mt.Maryhighersecondary @bethesdahighersecondaryschool @Beanstalk have taken this Fitness activity session very seriously and has already implemented. It really helps the students Mentally and physically.

•    Literally that's a good idea