Should the IRB be recalled from Chhattisgarh?

Those who said YES had this to say:
•    Yes, the IRB must be recalled from Chhattisgarh at all cost. Firstly, the Naxal issue is a political issue and should not be solved through military means. Secondly, the IRB has caused lot of suffering to innocent villagers and the guilty people should be charged for their crimes. Thirdly, IRB has no moral standing to be in Chhattisgarh. They must be recalled immediately.
•    It’s politics and money of the present Govt.
•    Since when have the Nagas become paid killers of a foreign power? If they obey foreign power outside Nagaland how much more will they be used against our own brothers and sister for the love of money?
•    The underground movement in the states must be having genuine reasons of their agitations like the Nagas. Why should our boys be fed as guinea pigs?
•    There is no other choice but to recall the IRB from Chhattisgarh. I support recall not because of the fact that IRB jawans are getting killed, but simply because Nagas have nothing to do in Chhattisgarh. The problem is between the Naxals and Indian government; why should Nagas be made into a pawn in this game? Get the IRB back; they should not be there in the name of the Naga people.
•    Yes, now is the time for the IRB to be withdrawn. The government has not heeded the demand of the people in the past. But this time the government cannot ignore, otherwise there will be many more weeping widows and parents.
•    A bloody political gamble that went all wrong. Why should they (IRB) be there in the first place? Nagaland needs them more than then ever. YES, they should definitely be recalled.
•    Yes, they are fighting a useless war against the poor peasants of Chhattisgarh at the behest of the corrupt politicians and landlords. Naga politicians included.
•    Yes, IRB should be recalled immediately.
•    Yes, because: 1) It is a diabolic policy in the name of employment; 2) If the best and well equipped and trained Indian Armed Forces and Paramilitary, which Government of India claimed as the best in the World, could not able to contain the Naxalites or Maoist, why should ill equipped and trained Naga IRB/NAP be sent? It is unjustified and anti-people covered war; 3) Let the whole world know that truly India is the land of Ahimsa and Satyagraha where Democracy and Human Rights has no value and meaning.
•    Why were they sent in the first place? It is an immoral deployment. Recall them immediately.
•    India has enough people to die for the Indians. Why Nagas?
•    The Naga brothers should not be placed in such a hazardous area, inspite of defending our land.
•    Yes, because that is not our affair.
•    Simple. They don’t belong there!
•    When there is much to be done in our own home sending our jawans out is not a wise decision. Even if they are to be sent, they should be trained to tackle terrorism

Those who said NO had this say:
•    Death and difficulties should not deter our responsibilities and obligations involved in our calling.
•    No, Duty is duty and any mission it happens and they are assigned to do their job. Pray and encourage them we still have brave boys to do the mission as ordered.
•    What are they paid for? Firstly, it’s an Indian reserve battalion and not Naga reserve battalion. Therefore, they ought to perform national duty whenever asked for.
•    We Nagas have to be recognized by good deeds like this but also the IRBs in Nagaland should be well disciplined and they must be watched in every possible way that they do not just keep bashing the youths... The way they treat the youths are terrible; of course it is their duty to look after the peaceful existence of the society but the way they treat the youth is just not acceptable. They beat up the guilty like animals sometimes even the innocent just because they drink and do the patrolling. This is a request to the editor that the next poll be about the IRBs, about whether their treatment of the youth is right or wrong.
•    As a citizen of India, it is your duty to defend the national interests and uphold the security of the people from the internal and external threats.