Should the judiciary in Nagaland be separated from the executive?

Those who voted YES had to say

•    Independent of judiciary is the only to provide justice to the people.

•    Our Naga society is a civilized society and it needs independent judiciary to maintain it.

•    As long as judiciary is under executive, justice is available only for haves and the haves not are deprived.

•    No democratic government is complete without independent judiciary

•    We the public in general cannot expect justice as long as judiciary is under executive and political control.

•    For better society, independent judiciary is indispensable.

•    Independent judiciary does in no way affect customary law of the Nagas hence separation is necessary

•    Law is supreme and do to justice independent of judiciary is a must.

•    Transparency, independent and justice delivery etc are the most important elements for excellent judiciary system in the democratic system.

•    Yes, Justice delayed is Justice denied and this is what Nagaland has faced in the past forty odd years because we have a judiciary controlled by the executive. For a true democracy the judiciary must be independent and separated from the executive in Nagaland. 

•    Yes, judiciary should be separated

•    Yes, because it is essential and to change the way of governance.

Those who voted NO had to say

•    No, it will dilute our traditional values

•    No, separation will only drag more case to the modern day courts, which means people with money, will win most of the time. Traditional is the best and reliable.