Should the Nagaland Department of Health and Family Welfare be increasing the number of COVID-19 tests in the state? Give reasons.

•    Yes. This is an urgent requirement. Sad to see that our health department is very laid back, just waiting for disaster to happen. Our leaders do not have a vision and a plan. We must learn from other states.

•    Yes. We need to increase COVID testing in our state. This is the only way we will know the actual position of the pandemic.

•    Yes. If the government is really serious in tackling COVID in Nagaland, they should be on a war footing in taking tests. The efforts of Mizoram government must be appreciated. They have been relentless in their COVID testing. It’s obvious they have a plan, but our state government is all about kushi-kushi.


•    We should not exaggerate the numbers. Fever, flu and cough are seasonal. It can be cured. Medical fraternity should know what are contained in those vaccines. Due to population explosion in state like UP the government is adopting 2 child policy. So who knows the long term impacts of such jabs?

•    The Nagaland Department of Health and Family Welfare led by the Minister should all go to Mizoram on an exposure trip. Mizoram has been very aggressive and proactive in COVID testing and are taking all the necessary steps to fight the pandemic. Our health department leaders are depending on luck that COVID does not strike Nagaland in a big way.