To show seriousness in their stance for ‘Solution, Not Election,’ the State Cabinet along with the legislators should have resigned by now. Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. If they are really what they speak of and are really serious about the Naga issue, then they should have resigned long time back. Even if elections are held, they should resign en-mass to push for a solution.  

• Yes, since the members of the NLA have already expressed their full commitment to the Naga peace process they should step down and resign with immediate effect. The political parties and the public are going to forgo the elections, the MLAs too should resign.  

• Yes. United move to show solidarity with the NGOs etc.  

• Yes. Words alone are not enough. It should be prove by action.  

• Yes. To grab more support.  

• Yes. To pave for an early solution  

• Yes. Because they are against the will of the people  

• Yes. They should have resigned to show to us the public that they are not keepers of lies but keepers of their words and promises. If they are lying now, then why should we vote for them? Lies will always support lies.  

• Yes. In order to show their seriousness.  

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No, because there are many leaders unlike political parties. All leaders should come under one umbrella, be it political social or other popular groups then there will be an answer or solution  

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Nagas are funny. The very people who were criticising and questioning and even opposing solutions some weeks ago are today spearheading the Solution, Not Election slogan. In a blink of an eye their position has changed from against solution to for solution.  

• Come March 13, whether the MLA resigned or not if the political parties and the intending candidate fail to file their papers for election, we will happily accept president rule which ironically is far far better than civilian government. Alternative, repeat of 1998. Intending candidates should be bold enough to file their papers as they could be the one to be elected uncontested.