Shürhozelie clarifies

Apropos to a news item that appeared in The Morung Express dated the 16th March, 2006 under the caption, “University teacher’s fire salvo at Shürhozelie” and the same item that re-appeared in another local daily 18th March, 2006, I am constrained to give clarification on the matter.

We are all aware that the Nagaland University is a Central University which is under the direct control of the MHRD. But this university is for the Naga people, and, therefore, the Naga people in general and the State Government in particular want to see the healthy growth of the university to cater to the need of our youth.

India is the largest democracy in the world in which one is free to ventilate his/her grievances through democratic process but this freedom has its own parameter. I for one cannot agree to such expression of right in which university properties are damaged at the instance of few university teachers.

When NSF leaders met me on the morning of 15th March, 2006, I had discussed with them the action taken by the State Government and I have also assured them on certain points. It is, therefore, left to the wisdom of the NSF leaders to let the people know the discussion that I had with them if they feel it necessary.

The next morning the University teachers came down heavily on me and said that they were surprised to know that the Planning Minister is not aware of financial codal procedure. They further questioned me if I am aware of the MHRD granting Engineering College and Management Institute of Nagaland University.

In the first place, I would like to remind them that they should not undermine the office of the Planning Minister whoever is there. They should know their own sizes. In the second place, I would like to remind them that Engineering College and Management Institute do not fall from heaven.

Teachers should devote more time to class room teaching. If someone is found wrong, let the law of the land take its own course. I do not believe that a university with full of agitations and dictations can become a center of excellence. Let good sense will prevail.


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