Smile :-)

Vishii Rita Krocha

Smile, smile, smile, Keep smiling. Life’s so beautiful! But I often forget to smile...... In between life’s numerous pleasures, joys and beauties, there comes a time when you turn all blue and you can’t just smile just like that. 

Things become complicated as one grows up and with every experience, even though you get wiser, years gift us with a lot of cares that we have to look upon and we get busier and busier with life’s activities that we barely find time to settle down our thoughts, take deep breaths and look back on the years that have passed us by. 

Time becomes a factor that we have to struggle hard to spare, for those small leisures that relaxes our soul. 

Perhaps childhood offers us the best time of our life.....carefree, no worries, no malice, no ill intentions. You go everywhere and everybody pampers you, you smile and you get tons of affection. Yet then we didn’t know how a smile works......

Today I look back on those memorable times and think if I could still with the same free spirit take on life, everything would function rather well. 

But then getting yourself back to reality, life can get real tricky sometimes. Mistakes to mend, love to nourish, life to take care of, health to give greater care, relationships to handle, careers to hold, dreams to make true and many other things that keep our minds travelling all the time. 

In between these busy rush hours of our minds doing the rounds, we can perhaps take a moment out to let our spirits roam free and maybe we will be able to spread a smile for no reason at all.

It will be like the time when you were small and things were always cool and easy going. 

Just for a while, keep aside all your worries and think of some beautiful moments that you have had in life and try smiling at those wonderful memories. Maybe, after all a smile still works. Keep smiling!