Someone is trying to damage my name

This is in reference to a write up which appeared in The Morung Express dated August 15, 2006 under the column “Write Wing” and headlined “This suffering must stop” by one Jack Chakesang, Phek. It also appeared in the Eastern Mirror issue of August 22. I do know another namesake but he is Jack V Chakhesang and not Chakesang. But well-wishers insist that he did not write it. If the writer was genuine then surely he would know that the spelling of his tribe is Chakhesang. Besides, although I hail from Phek district, my native village is Pfutseromi. Therefore, some other community member (and most probably a non- Naga) has obviously written it. So, is trying to tarnish my professional image?

There are many sorts of duplicates in the world. We have spurious liquor freely available in the open market despite prohibition. I myself have come across many young men claiming that they were cadres of one of the factions. It seems almost everything has a duplicate claiming to be original including God-men.

The points mooted in the write up were not without reason and the English was fair enough and he was lashing out at the actions of some faction or the other, which one I cannot say for all three factions are active in Phek district. My main objection is to the adjectives that the writer used. Words such as “self-style gun carrying monsters” and “armed hoodlums” have never been used by me in 26 years as a professional journalist. However, some readers of newspaper think that I was the author of the above mentioned write-up.

There are many refined way of criticizing people and I prefer to use gentlemanly language. And, those familiar with my style of writing will vouch for this. Generally, our Naga national workers are reasonable if your approach is proper but there are a few who prefer to first take action and then ask afterwards. There, such misunderstandings can become a matter of life and death. Therefore, I appeal to all the Editors and members of their staff to kindly verify the identity of the individual concerned especially if his name is similar to mine. After all, any namesake also has every right to his or her freedom of speech and expression. At the same time. I request the Editors to exercise their prerogatives and delete such objectionable adjectives which also constitute unparliamentary language. On my part, I assure to submit any article personally.

Some years ago, a young fellow Chakhesang approached me with a hard luck story while I was having my dinner. So I offered him the spare bed in my hotel room. When I woke up the next morning, I discovered that this fellow had decamped with my black leather jacket and my black designer shoes. His shoe size was number six while mine is seven. Fortunately, I had a spare pair of shoes in my suitcase. Now, someone who lacks courage of his conviction is out to steal my name. In a way, this is a left-handed compliment but let me assure you that I am not amused.

It is said that if you have no namesakes, then you lack blessings. But to have a namesake can also be a burden. A few years ago, the namesake of Late Horangse Sangtam was involved in a scam involving fraudulent withdrawal from the medical department and when I read the story in the local dailies I was surprised that such a prominent personality could be involved in such a scandal. The title of the write-up “This suffering must stop” was appropriate but now this subsequent suffering for me must also stop forthwith.

Jack T Chakhesang.