Spiritual conclave for artists to know God the creator

Dimapur, April 5 (MExN):  Scheduled for April 8-9, a spiritual conclave for artists and the art called ‘Arts Gathering 2001’ promises to be 2-days of knowing God the ‘’Creator’’ and ‘discovering the Creator in You.’
According to the organizers “Arts Gathering” is a “time for Artists to gather and experience God the Creator, God the source of all creativity and God the Artist Himself and yet it is a time for you to discover that Creative God who lives in you and is the source of everlasting creativity that flows through Him and hence through you.”
During the two days of the event one is promised “powerful performances by some of the leading Naga artists; you will be part of workshops led by people that have come from different parts of the world just to invest in you and your creativity.”
“We will have powerful times of worship where we believe we will be able to experience and encounter God in a way we never imagined was possible.”
That the time and season has been ‘designed by God for you,’ al interested persons are invited to come and ‘to discover and fulfill God’s purpose for you for this season.’
The organizers are part of the YWAM Creative Discipleship Training School. “We are here for our 2-months outreach, after going through 5 months of lecture phase, to pour out what we received from all our speakers and leaders from across the globe. We are purpose driven to ‘communicate God’s heart through the Arts,” a message from the organizers stated.
The registration (300 for both days including workshop, study material, dinner and snacks) starts at 10 am and the program will start at 12 pm on the 8th. The speakers will speak and interact on the topics such as about the creator and the artist, God’s heart through art, artist’s stories and lots more about being an artist.
“The nights are open and start after dinner at 6pm. 2nd days afternoon will be workshops by various artists proficient in their respective fields like voice, sound engineering, songwriting, fine arts, creative designing, dance. You will also get a glimpse of what we have been doing in prophetic arts and improvisation,” the message said.