St John College conducts webinars on various issues

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 1 (MExN): St John College conducted webinars on ‘Social Media Awareness,’ ‘Heritage, Memory and Politics of the Past’ and The Effect of Lockdown on the Environment’ over the course of September 29 and 30. 

On September 29, Asabo Newmai, Officer In Charge (Cyber Cell) Telecom Data Analysis Unit, Dimapur poke on ‘Social Media Awareness’, Newmai spoke about social media, its impact and associated risks. He spoke on crimes related to social media and shared safety measures and tips. The session was organised by the Department of Botany. The convener of the webinar was Dr Temsunungla, Asst. Professor, Department of Botany, and was moderated by Dr Toshinungla, Asst. Professor, Department of Botany, and a vote of thanks was delivered by Uttam Nath, Head, Department of Botany.

Meanwhile Dr David Farrell-Banks of Ulster University, Northern-Ireland, UK, spoke on ‘Heritage, Memory, and the Politics of the Past.’

He spoke on how the knowledge of the past could be used to understand the present and to construct the future. He stated that how one remembers, individually or collectively, impacts the identity of a person or the society. He also highlighted how certain historical events can be used, sometimes out of their original context, to support a certain political ideology. 

He discussed how the Magna Carta was used in the political discourse of the UK at the time of the 2016 EU referendum. Stating that this was a UK centred case study, he encouraged staff and students to consider examples, even in Nagaland, of how certain historical sites, people, texts or events can be used to support a certain political agenda.

This lecture was organised by the Departments of History and Political Science. A welcome note was delivered by Maongienla Imsong, Head, Department of Political Science and the guest was introduced by Mukutar R Saikia, Head, Department of History. A vote of thanks was delivered by Administrative Head, Peter Banks.

On September 30, Dr Akumtoshi Longkumer, whose current engagement is with the National Innovation Foundation and Nagaland Forest Management, JICA spoke on ‘The Effects of Lockdown on the Environment.’

Dr Longkumer shared his views on the activities that the public have done during the lockdown, including ordering online food packages and other delivery products that led to a massive increase of plastics and other waste. He also educated the participants on how these waste items make their way into the water bodies and affect the water ecosystems.

He shared with participants the details of his ongoing projects, which deals with converting wastes to degradable proteins with the help of an insect. Another development that may alleviate the issue is starch-based bioplastic which is compostable and environment friendly as well, he added.

The Convenor for the programme was Nijwm Basumatary, Asst. Professor of Environmental Science.