Students’ resentment over Nagaland University functioning

Since the arrival of Prof. GD Sharma as the VC of Nagaland University, students all over the state have been refusing to accept him. But sadly, in spite of trying various means of agitation (both democratic and violent means) it seems the so called ‘honorable Vice Chancellor’ is bent on to keep clinging to his chair.

There have been many allegations against him, but no inquiry has been made. The question we want to ask is, “What are the concerned officials doing about it?” Is the administration of Nagaland so weak that they can’t even remove an undeserving person from his post?

Of course it is the President who appoints him, but honestly, even if an enquiry is placed on him and the heads of the various administrations probes into the matter, they can at least plead to the concerned department or the President to seriously think over the matter keeping in mind the grievances of the student’s community. Misuse of the University funds, bogus appointments, mal-functioning of the University etc are only few of the allegations against him. Where is the self-respect of Nagas? Why should we let our future be played and manipulated by someone? How long are we going to let our future be manipulated? Haven’t we had enough?

Is GD Sharma so ‘High and mighty’ or is it the officials who are backing him from behind? Surely, if the government remains mute spectators on this subject, the only conclusion we can draw is that the Government is directly or indirectly patronizing Prof. GD Sharma and they are equally responsible for the mismanagement of the university affairs and funds.

It is high time we Nagas wake up and join hands to fight a good fight against adversaries. Its high time we say “NO” to playing with our future. If Prof GD Sharma is not removed from his post as demanded by the students’ community, we may totally lose confidence in the educational system of the state which will be one of the saddest things to be experienced and the most regrettable mistake being committed by the government.

This agitation is not a fight between Prof GD Sharma and the students’ but it is the fight of the people against corruption. Let us strive to make Nagaland University ‘corruption free’.

Concerned PG Students’