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Sumi Fellowship’s crusade culminates

Morung Express News
Dimapur | September 10

Organized by the Sumi Christian Fellowship Kohima, a three-day Spiritual Awakening Crusade which started on September 8 at NBCC Convention Centre, Kohima culminated on Sunday evening.


In the morning service, Rev. Dr. Ed Citronnelli, Senior Pastor, World Healing International, New York emphasized on the Holy Spirit.


He said Jesus may not be present in physical form but the Holy Spirit was with the people and added that people needed the power of Holy Spirit to understand the ministry of Jesus. “Without Holy Spirit in us, we become only normal Christians,” he said.


He said that the faith of many Christians have become dormant – void of the Holy Spirit giving opportunities for the increase in witchcraft.


Rev. Citronnelli said Jesus gave his life for the good of the people and departed to prepare a ‘mansion’ for them for the second coming. The preacher said that his coming to Nagaland was not by his will but that the Holy Spirit commanded him to proclaim the message of deliverance.


Rev. Citronnelli said a special prayer for the four Executive Secretaries of Sumi church associations, pastors and NCRC.


Rev. Dr. Shiwoto Assumi, Pastor NCRC Sumi, Purana Bazaar, Dimapur translated the preaching of Rev. Citronnelli.


Rev. Dr. Joshua Rochill, ES SBAK Aizuto in his greetings lauded the SCFK for organizing the crusade. He said coming together of the people was important but urged people to give more importance to being deeply rooted in the Bible and practising its teachings.


During the service, the Choir and Male voice team - Spring Voice presented special numbers.


Towards the end of the crusade in the evening, the congregation numbering to thousands of people resolved: To remain in fear of the Lord, to safeguard the rights of orphans, widows and widowers; to not seize the rights of lower sections of people; to not confiscate the share of old age pensioners; to strengthen the fellowship regardless of denominations; to not harbour negative towards others; to be faithful stewards to God’s given resources; to pursue righteous living; to participate in the building of God’s kingdom on earth and to live in peace and harmony with all people and be law abiding good citizens.