Sumi Hoho doing nothing on promises – NSCN-K

Dimapur, Nov 23 (MExN): The NSCN-K has charged Sumi Hoho leaders of ‘doing nothing’ vis-à-vis conflicts which the former implied are contraventions of the Hoho’s ‘promise’ of taking actions against factions who ‘fire the first shots’. 

The NSCN-K in an MIP release was referring to what it stated is the Sumi Hoho resolving to expel factions creating disturbance in the Sumi region. Contrast was drawn to the recent alleged assassination attempt to do away with a former President of the Hoho by the NSCN-IM.

“Last time, the Sumi Hoho leaders had undertaken that any faction firing the first shots would be expelled from Sumi area or region. I-K terrorists started the shooting and two of our men were killed. But nothing happened as they promised. This time one of their  senior-most citizens, Huska Yepthomi had been targeted without any valid reasons” the NSCN-K MIP release asserted.

To this, the NSCN-K left it on the Sumi people whose leadership they would “embrace”. “It is now the Sumi people to decide whether to embrace the leadership of the blood-thirsty and Th. Muivah’s puppet Isak Swu or the leadership of lenient and peace-loving Kitovi Zhimomi” it stated. 

The NSCN-K further charged that “some people who recently came across the boundary between Nagaland and Manipur are genius of lies and killings” who are also experts in pretensions “vigorously refuting the order issued against assassination of Huska Yepthomi, former Sumi Hoho President by Isak and Muivah through Markson Tangkhul”.

It alleged that Markson gave directions to ‘Maj.’ Lokhishe Sumi to assassinate the leader and while that “many mistook Isak Chishi Swu as a religious-minded man or God-fearing man” he was in fact in connivance with Muivah to commit genocides in the name of Naga freedom struggle. “I-K terrorists, why deny the proven fact? While reading this article, remember that God is looking into your hearts” the NSCN-K pointed out.