Sungit faults Rio on crossroads comment

Kohima, April 30 (MExN): Taking a dig at Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio over his statement that ‘Nagas are at crossroads’, the MLA and spokesman for the Indian National Congress, Nagaland, I Sungit Jamir, has stated that Rio was “in a way right” because he had “landed the Nagas into this crossroad situation by his policy of equi-closeness”. The MLA also called for the resignation of the Chief Minister citing misrule and lack of vision in his leadership.

Stating that Rio’s ‘crossroads’ comment was an expression of his helplessness and that his methods had met a “dead end”, the INC spokesman, in a press statement, further alleged that in six years of his leadership as head of the State, Rio had failed to show direction to the Nagas. On April 28, during the inaugural function of the 23rd general conference of the Naga Students’ Federation held at Mopungchuket village, in Mokokchung district, the Chief Minister had mentioned that Nagas were at an important crossroads in history in terms of the Naga political issue.

Jamir also alleged that with the CM admitting to the present peace process having met with a roadblock due to the ‘non-inclusive nature of all section of Nagas’ and his advice against approaching a ‘third country’ for solution revealed that he “knows something about the talk but is keeping the public in the dark”. The MLA and INC spokesman demanded that Rio “spell out the nature of the talk” to the Nagas.

Stating that Rio has lost the moral right to lead Nagas as head of the State, Jamir demanded that he resign on moral ground and make way for someone with better ideas and suggestions to bring about a solution to “the vexed Naga issue”. Further claiming that over the years of his “misrule” the CM had “weakened” the position of the Nagas and blinded “every section of the Nagas with his money power”, the MLA and INC spokesman asserted that Rio’s vision has been “to corrupt and enslave” the people of Nagaland. “The Nagas should no longer be subjected to suffer in the hands of a visionless leader,” stated a concerned Jamir.