Tabloids set their sites on Brad Pitt's assistant Lara Marsden

Want to go from nobody to magazine cover girl in one fell swoop? Take a job as Brad Pitt's assistant. Lara Marsden, 25, has found herself in the tabloid line of fire after signing on to work with the Hollywood heartthrob on the set of his latest flick, World War Z.
Marsden, having done little in public beyond smile and chat to the Pitt, has become a story in her own right and paparazzi target, with dozens of hysterical stories such as “The Truth About Brad Pitt’s Sexy Assistant: Six Things to Know About Lara Marsden” and “Brad Pitt Gets Close With His Sexy On-Set Brunette AGAIN!” doing the rounds.
This week, pictures of the duo holding one another’s arms sparked a bidding war and have only fuelled the hysteria about just how close Pitt and his assistant are. This week's issue of New Idea magazine features Marsden and Pitt on the cover and a three-page spread inside
Since the first snap of the duo together hit the net, gossip magazines and entertainment websites have been on the hunt to identify the brunette and have been digging into her past, with revealing photos of Marsden in her underwear and in a bikini, along with other posts, published online.
Fanning the flames of this story is the fact that it was an on-set encounter with Angelina Jolie that sparked the A-list couple’s headline-grabbing romance, and the fact that Marsden bears more than a passing resemblance to the Oscar-winning actress.