Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Netanyahu urges political stability amid coalition crisis
    TEL AVIV, AUGUST 10 (IANS): Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday urged for political stability amid a looming coalition crisis, adding that that he has accepted a compromise proposal that would delay the deadline for passing the state budget and remove the immediate threat of early elections. Acording to a report in The Times of Israel, Derech Eretz, a political faction made up of two MPs, elected as part of the Blue and White alliance, proposed a bill on Sunday night
  • 'Your time is up': Thousands protest against Netanyahu over COVID-19 and alleged corruption
    JERUSALEM, August 9 (Reuters): Thousands of Israelis rallied outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem on Saturday as anger mounted over corruption allegations and his handling of the coronavirus crisis. "Your time is up", read the giant letters projected on to a building at the protest site, as demonstrators waved Israeli flags and called on Netanyahu to resign over what they say is his failure to protect jobs and businesses affected by t
  • Israeli leaders locked in budget battle as economic crisis deepens
    JERUSALEM, August 4 (Reuters): A stand-off between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main coalition partner over passage of Israel's budget threatens to trigger its fourth election in a little over a year amid an economic crisis fuelled by the coronavirus outbreak. A ballot is automatically mandated if a budget is not approved by parliament by Aug. 25. Analysts are concerned that a new election and likely protracted coalition talks afterwards would have a crippling
  • Israel's Netanyahu condemns protests against him, criticises media
    JERUSALEM, August 2 (Reuters): Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu struck back on Sunday at demonstrations calling for his resignation, accusing protesters of trampling democracy and the Israeli media of encouraging them. Netanyahu, who was sworn in for a fifth term in May after an election, has often complained of press bias against him, and some of the charges he faces in a corruption trial relate to alleged attempts to seek favourable coverage from media barons in return for s
  • Israel's "Bibi generation" starts to turn on Netanyahu over economy and COVID-19
    TEL AVIV, July 30 (Reuters): For two months, many Israeli television viewers watched nightly as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued warnings and updates about the novel coronavirus and imposed lockdowns. When infections fell, he went on television on May 26 to boast of his success. "Have a beer. Enjoy yourselves," he said. Many Israelis did just that. But infections later surged, and opinions polls showed confidence in Netanyahu was falling. He now faces natio
  • 'Last Supper' artwork of feasting Netanyahu irks Israeli leader
    TEL AVIV, July 29 (Reuters): A statue in a Tel Aviv square of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu enjoying a "Last Supper" feast added new bite on Wednesday to mounting protests against his handling of the coronavirus crisis. Netanyahu, whose popularity has plunged in opinion polls amid 21.5% unemployment, said his depiction in a mock tableau of Jesus's final meal before his crucifixion, was tantamount to a death threat. In the installation, Netanyahu sit
  • Israelis protest against Netanyahu, government handling of COVID-19 crisis
    JERUSALEM, July 19 (Reuters): Israeli police used water cannons to disperse demonstrators around Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence on Saturday as protests mounted against him over alleged corruption and his handling of the coronavirus crisis.   Hit by high unemployment, a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases and reimposed coronavirus curbs, Israelis have taken to the streets in almost daily demonstrations against the government.   Public anger has bee
  • Netanyahu's corruption trial to hear first witnesses in January
    JERUSALEM, July 19 (Reuters): Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption trial will begin in earnest in January with witnesses being heard three times a week, a court decided on Sunday.   Lawyers for Netanyahu, the first serving prime minister in Israel to go on trial, had asked for a six-month postponement to prepare their strategy. They suggested it would be difficult to gauge the truthfulness of witnesses wearing anti-coronavirus masks, currently comp
  • Netanyahu ally wants West Bank 'cultivation' now, not annexation
    JERUSALEM, July 17 (Reuters): Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's top coalition partner wants Israel to shelve planned West Bank annexations and instead focus on improving conditions for Jewish settlers and Palestinians in the occupied territory, two cabinet ministers said on Friday.   Centrist ex-general Benny Gantz and the conservative Netanyahu agreed to begin discussing annexations as of July 1, but the plan -- already dogged by diplomatic blowback -- has been s
  • Coronavirus resurgence sidelines Israel's annexation planning
    JERUSALEM, July 15 (Reuters): A coronavirus resurgence in Israel and divisions within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government have sidelined its plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, officials said.   Although the conservative Netanyahu and Defence Minister Benny Gantz, his centrist coalition partner, agreed the government could begin moving on annexation as of July 1, there has been "close to zero" cabinet-level discussion on the issue, o
  • Israeli minister signals major West Bank annexation move not imminent
    JERUSALEM, June 30 (Reuters): An Israeli minister played down on Tuesday the likelihood of major moves to annex Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank on July 1, the planned starting point for cabinet debate on the issue.   Zeev Elkin, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party, said Israel still did not have the green light it seeks from Washington to begin extending its sovereignty to parts of the West Bank, territory Palestinians seek
  • Israel's Netanyahu mulls two-phase West Bank annexation, newspaper says
    JERUSALEM, June 17 (Reuters): Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is weighing a limited initial annexation in the occupied West Bank, hoping to quell international opposition to his pledge of wide territorial moves, an Israeli newspaper said on Wednesday.   Netanyahu has said a U.S. peace plan, which envisages Israel retaining its settlements in the West Bank, provides an "historic opportunity" to extend Israeli sovereignty to them and to the Jordan Valley area.
  • Israelis protest Netanyahu's annexation plan
    TEL AVIV, Israel, June 7 (Reuters): Several thousand Israelis demonstrated on Saturday against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to extend sovereignty over parts of the occupied West Bank, de-facto annexation of land that the Palestinians seek for a state.   Protesting in face masks and keeping their distance from each other under coronavirus restrictions, they gathered under the banner "No to annexation, no to occupation, yes to peace and democracy"
  • Some Israeli settlers hit out at Trump-backed annexation plan
    JERUSALEM, June 4 (Reuters): Israel's intention to annex parts of the occupied West Bank is being challenged by Jewish settlers who might have been expected to cheer the plan promoted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu under a U.S. peace blueprint.   A month before the proposed expansion of Israeli jurisdiction is due to be discussed by Netanyahu's new unity government, some settler leaders have resorted to rhetoric likely to embarrass him at the White House.
  • Defiant Netanyahu goes on trial in Israel charged with corruption
    JERUSALEM, May 24 (Reuters): Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday became the first serving Israeli prime minister to go on trial, proclaiming his innocence in the corridor before walking into court to face charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.   The trial came a week after Israel's longest-serving leader was sworn in to a record fifth term, demonstrating his knack for survival by securing an unexpected power-sharing deal with his main opponent after three inconclus