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  • Biden: Strikes in Syria sent warning to Iran to ‘be careful’
    WASHINGTON, February 27 (AP) — President Joe Biden said Friday that Iran should view his decision to authorize U.S. airstrikes in Syria as a warning that it can expect consequences for its support of militia groups that threaten U.S. interests or personnel. “You can’t act with impunity. Be careful,” Biden said when a reporter asked what message he had intended to send with the airstrikes, which the Pentagon said destroyed several buildings in eastern Syria bu
  • Biden lifts Trump-era ban blocking legal immigration to US
    San Diego (US), February 25 (AP): President Joe Biden has lifted a freeze on green cards issued by his predecessor during the pandemic that lawyers said was blocking most legal immigration to the United States. Former President Donald Trump last spring halted the issuance of green cards until the end of 2020 in the name of protecting the coronavirus-wracked job market a reason that Trump gave to achieve many of the cuts to legal immigration that had eluded him before the pandemic.
  • South Asian group mobilises for Tanden as Biden stands by her
    New York, February 23 (IANS): While President Joe Biden doubled down on the nomination of Neera Tanden to a top cabinet post as it began unravelling, activists are mobilising for and against her. South Asians for Biden, a group that campaigned for him, asked members of the community on Monday to contact key senators who could ensure her confirmation by the Senate as the director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The organisation's National Director Neha Dewan said
  • Biden will try to close Guantanamo after 'robust' review
    Washington, February 13 (AP): President Joe Biden will seek to close the prison on the US base at Guantanamo Bay following a review process, resuming a project begun under the Obama administration, the White House said Friday. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said it was the "intention" of the Biden administration to close the detention facility, something President Barack Obama pledged to do within a year shortly after he took office in January 2009. Psaki gave no
  • India-US ties break out of Trump's shadow with first Modi-Biden phone call
    By Mrityunjoy Kumar Jha IANS | February 9 President Joe Biden has signalled he would seek to deepen the close relationship between the United States and India in his first conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he added climate change and "democratic values" to the agenda. Modi welcomed calls to collaborate on combating climate change and agreed to participate in a climate summit Biden will host in April, the White House said. The late Monday phone conver
  • Biden halts Trump-ordered US troops cuts in Germany
    Washington, February 5 (AP): President Joe Biden has formally stopped the planned withdrawal of US troops from Germany that was ordered last year by the Trump administration but had never actually begun. Speaking at the State Department on Thursday, Biden said the troop pullout would be halted until Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin does a review of America's troops presence around the globe. Austin, he said, will ensure that "our military footprint is appropriately aligned wi
  • Biden meets Republicans as Democrats push on for virus aid
    Washington, February 2 (AP): President Joe Biden met late Monday with a group of Republican senators who have proposed a slimmed down USD 618 billion coronavirus aid package -- a fraction of the USD 1.9 trillion he is seeking -- as congressional Democrats vowed to push ahead with or without GOP support. Biden greeted the lawmakers in the Oval Office, joking that he felt like he was "back in the Senate" as they started the private session. He and Vice President Kamala Harri
  • Tibetans hopeful of seeing Biden host the Dalai Lama
    Dharamsala, January 24 (IANS): Tibetans are hopeful of being united with the States once again with their globetrotting spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, who has a special relationship with US presidents that began with a gold watch, calling on President Joe Biden soon for substantive discussions. After a four-year unusual exception of President Donald Trump, they feel Biden will continue a decades-old practice of the deep and enduring affinity between Americans and Tibetans that ha
  • Mine OK'd in Trump's last days may boost Biden energy plan
    Carson City (US), January 24 (AP): One of the keys to President Joe Biden's USD 2 trillion clean energy plan could be a mineral that lies in a salt flat above a prehistoric volcano just south of the Oregon-Nevada line. But the question of how to extract lithium and whether former President Donald Trump's Department of Interior rushed a mine through the approval process could be an early test for Biden and his nominee for Interior secretary, New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland. Th
  • At 78 and the oldest president, Biden sees a world changed
    Washington, January 23 (AP): When Joe Biden took the oath of office as the 46th president, he became not only the oldest newly inaugurated US chief executive in history but also the oldest sitting president ever. Biden was born November 20, 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He was 78 years, two months and one day old when he was sworn in on Wednesday. That's 78 days older than President Ronald Reagan was when he left office in 1989. A look at how the country Biden now leads ha
  • A triumph for America, and a triumph for fashion
    New Delhi, January 21 (IANSlife): Over the past few months people have been asking the question why does fashion matter? Fashion matters for many reasons but at the heart of it, it is because fashion stands for something. What you wear speaks of who you are, especially if you are in the public eye, this becomes amplified. Outfits worn by the First Lady on the day of the inauguration often end up in museums, becoming pieces of historic significance. Who can forget Jackie Kennedy'
  • US rejoins Paris climate pact, WHO under Biden
    New York, January 21 (IANS): Getting to work soon after the inauguration festivities, President Joe Biden has signed orders for the US to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization (WHO) in the first set of actions to undo the policies of his predecessor Donald Trump. He signed 17 executive orders covering also immigration and the fight against Covid-19 on Wednesday afternoon after he was sworn-in as president and Kamala Harris as Vice President. Biden said
  • Dalai Lama congratulates US President Biden
    Dharamsala, January 21 (IANS): Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Thursday wrote to Joe Biden to offer his profound congratulations to the latter on becoming the 46th President of the US. "As someone deeply concerned with the ecological crisis our planet faces, I am so pleased that you are elevating the issue of climate change to your highest priority and that the US is rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. Global warming is an urgent threat to the whole world and to the
  • Biden vows to repair America's alliances, engage with world once again
    Washington, January 21 (PTI): US President Joe Biden on Wednesday vowed to repair America's alliances and engage with the world once again, saying the country has been tested and its people have come out stronger. In his inaugural speech after being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States in a historic but scaled down ceremony under the unprecedented security umbrella of thousands of security personnel, the 78-year-old veteran Democratic leader said: We'll be a s
  • Biden says Trump wrote a 'very generous' letter before departing WH, plans to talk to him
    Washington, January 21 (PTI): US President Joe Biden has said his predecessor Donald Trump has left him a "very generous" letter in the Oval Office before departing the White House. It is customary for outgoing presidents to write their successors a letter and leave it for them on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. However, given that the former president broke several of the past traditions, including by opting to skip Biden's inauguration ceremony and never for
  • In historic rite, Biden, Harris sworn-in to lead US
    New York, January 20 (IANS): Joe Biden was sworn-in as President and Kamala Harris as Vice President in a historic ceremony to take the leadership of a nation ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic and riven by deep political hostility. The daughter of Shyamala Gopalan became the first Indian American, the first woman, and the first African American to be sworn in as the Vice President, putting her a heartbeat away from the presidency. Biden declared after being swearing in, "Demo
  • India hopes for relaxed US visa regime under Biden
    New Delhi, January 19 (IANS): One of the biggest policy issues which will set the tone for the US-India strategic relationship under the new Joe Biden administration is work visas for Indians. India is hoping that Biden will fulfil his poll promise to lift all immigrant visa restrictions that President Donald Trump had imposed during his tenure in the last four years. Even as President-elect Biden has already indicated that he plans to reverse the Trump administration's immig
  • Biden has set sky-high expectations. Can he meet them?
    Washington, January 19 (AP): Back when the election was tightening and just a week away, Joe Biden went big. He flew to Warm Springs, the Georgia town whose thermal waters once brought Franklin Delano Roosevelt comfort from polio, and pledged a restitching of America's economic and policy fabric unseen since FDR's New Deal. Evoking some of the nation's loftiest reforms helped Biden unseat President Donald Trump but left him with towering promises to keep. And he'l
  • Roll call: Indian names bloom in White House power circle
    New York, January 18 (IANS): Kamala Devi Harris, Vivek Murthy, Gautam Raghavan, Mala Adiga, Vinay Reddy, Bharat Ramamurti, Neera Tanden, Celine Gounder, Atul Gawande are some of the Indian names that are blooming more now than at any other time in the innermost circles of the White House and that too within weeks after the #MyNameIs blowback to Republicans' mangling of US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris' first name during the 2020 campaign. Till date, nearly two dozen Ind
  • Biden-Harris inauguration ceremony kicks off with 'Kolam'
    New Delhi, January 17 (PTI): Kolam, a traditional Indian art form of drawing geometric patterns on the floors as a sign of welcome, was part of the virtual kick-off ceremony of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris, who traces her origin to Tamil Nadu where these auspicious designs adorn almost every household. In Tamil Nadu, where Harris has roots, women draw Kolams on the ground to invite health and prosperity into houses where they are display