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  • Israel won't oppose U.S. sale of 'specific' weapons to UAE, Netanyahu and Gantz say
    TEL AVIV, October 23 (Reuters): Israel will not oppose U.S. sales of "specific weapons systems" to the United Arab Emirates, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Benny Gantz said on Friday, in an apparent reference to F-35 warplanes sought by Abu Dhabi. Under a principle of preserving Israel's "qualitative military edge", the United States consults with it on proposed sales of advanced arms to other countries in the region. I
  • Israel says UAE visit 'making history' - Palestinians call it 'shameful'
    JERUSALEM, October 20 (Reuters): In an historic first visit by a Gulf Arab nation, a United Arab Emirates delegation arrived in Israel on Tuesday to cement the normalisation deal signed last month. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and other American officials accompanied the delegation on Etihad Airways plane from Abu Dhabi to Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv. They were given a red carpet welcome by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Gabi Ashke
  • Israel sends treaty delegation to Bahrain with Trump aides
    MANAMA, October 18 (Reuters): An Israeli delegation accompanied by the U.S. treasury secretary arrived in Bahrain on Sunday to formalise nascent relations and broaden Gulf cooperation that Washington has promoted as an anti-Iran bulwark and potential economic bonanza. Bahrain followed the United Arab Emirates in agreeing last month to normalise ties with Israel, stunning Palestinians who had demanded statehood before any such regional rapprochement. The breakthrough, oversee
  • U.S. and UAE eye December goal to agree on F-35 deal: sources
    WASHINGTON, September 22 (Reuters): The United States and the United Arab Emirates hope to have an initial agreement on the sale of F-35 stealth fighter jets to the Gulf state in place by December, as the Trump administration studies how to structure a deal without running afoul of Israel. Sources close to the negotiations said the goal is to have a letter of agreement in place in time for UAE National Day celebrated on Dec. 2. Any deal must satisfy decades of agreement with
  • Gaza rockets, Israeli air strikes accompany Israel-Gulf pacts
    JERUSALEM/GAZA, September 16 (Reuters): Militants in Gaza launched rockets into Israel and Israeli aircraft hit targets in the Palestinian enclave in an explosive backdrop to the signing of pacts for formal ties between Israel and two Gulf Arab countries. The Israeli military said it launched about 10 air strikes in Hamas Islamist-run Gaza early on Wednesday and that 15 rockets had been fired from the territory at Israeli communities near the border, where sirens sounded before
  • Breaking longtime taboo, UAE and Bahrain to sign deals with Israel at White House
    WASHINGTON, September 15 (Reuters): The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain on Tuesday will become the latest Arab states to break a longstanding taboo when they sign agreements toward normalizing relations with Israel in a strategic realignment of Middle Eastern countries against Iran. U.S. President Donald Trump will host the White House ceremony at noon EDT (1600 GMT), capping a dramatic month when first the UAE and then Bahrain agreed to reverse decades of ill will without a r
  • As Arab Gulf starts opening to Israel, Palestinians face a reckoning
    JERUSALEM, September 15 (Reuters): Israel's rapprochement with Gulf Arab states has left the Palestinians feeling abandoned by traditional allies and clutching an old playbook in a rapidly changing Middle East, analysts and critics say. As the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain prepare to sign normalisation accords with Israel at a White House ceremony on Tuesday, Palestinian leaders face calls to overhaul their strategy to avoid becoming marginalised in a region where I
  • Iran's Khamenei: UAE 'disgraced forever' by Israel deal
    DUBAI, September 1 (Reuters): The United Arab Emirates has betrayed the Islamic world and the Palestinians by reaching a deal toward normalising ties with Israel, Iran's top authority Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday. "Of course, the UAE's betrayal will not last long, but this stigma will always be remembered. They allowed the Zionist regime to have a foothold in the region and forgot Palestine," Khamenei said in a speech. "Th
  • West Bank settlers say Netanyahu duped them with annexation backtrack
    MASSUA SETTLEMENT, West Bank, August 19 (Reuters): Israel’s settler leaders say Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has defrauded them of their long-held dream of annexing the occupied West Bank as part of the country's normalisation deal with the United Arab Emirates. Their anger could be a problem for right-wing Netanyahu, whom they accuse of repeatedly floating the idea of annexation only to cave in to international pressure when the terms of the UAE deal req
  • UAE summons Iranian diplomat over 'unacceptable' Rouhani speech - WAM
    DUBAI, August 16 (Reuters): The United Arab Emirates has summoned Iran's charge d'affaires in Abu Dhabi in response to a speech by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that the foreign ministry described as "unacceptable", state news agency WAM said on Sunday. Rouhani said in a speech on Saturday the UAE had made a "huge mistake" in reaching a agreement to normalise ties with Israel and called it a betrayal by the Gulf state. "They (the UAE) bett
  • As UAE hails Israel accord, silence from Saudi Arabia
    DUBAI/RIYADH, August 14 (Reuters): As media and people in the United Arab Emirates hailed the Gulf state's deal to normalise relations with Israel as a diplomatic victory that helps the Palestinians, silence reigned in Saudi Arabia, longtime figurehead of regional policy towards Israel. Analysts see the surprise UAE-Israel agreement announced on Thursday as a strategic boost for the UAE's regional and global standing that could put it ahead of its powerful Saudi neighbo
  • Turkey may suspend ties with UAE over Israel deal, Erdogan says
    ISTANBUL, August 14 (Reuters): Turkey is considering suspending diplomatic ties with the United Arab Emirates and withdrawing its ambassador over the Gulf state's accord to normalise ties with Israel, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday. The Turkish foreign ministry said history would never forgive the UAE's "hypocritical behaviour" in agreeing such a deal, which recasts the order of Middle East politics. Under the U.S.-brokered, the first between Israe
  • With Trump's help, Israel and the United Arab Emirates reach historic deal to normalize relations
    WASHINGTON, August 13 (Reuters): Israel and the United Arab Emirates reached a historic peace deal on Thursday that will lead to a full normalization of diplomatic relations between the two Middle Eastern nations in an agreement that U.S. President Donald Trump helped broker. Under the agreement, Israel has agreed to suspend applying sovereignty to areas of the West Bank that it has been discussing annexing, senior White House officials told Reuters. The peace deal was the p
  • UAE, Iran foreign ministers discuss COVID challenge
    DUBAI, August 2 (Reuters): The foreign ministers of longstanding regional foes Iran and the United Arab Emirates agreed on Sunday that they would strive to cooperate during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a video call during which they also exchanged greetings for the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan told his Iranian counterpart that strengthening bilateral cooperation was important element in tackling the coronavirus, UAE state news agency WAM said.
  • United Arab Emirates launches mission to Mars
    DUBAI, July 20 (Reuters): The United Arab Emirates launched its first mission to Mars on Monday as it strives to develop its scientific and technological capabilities and reduce its reliance on oil.   The Hope Probe blasted off from Japan's Tanegashima Space Center at 1:58 a.m. UAE time/6:58 a.m. Japanese time Monday (2158 GMT Sunday) for a seven-month journey to the red planet, where it will orbit and send back data about the atmosphere.   The first
  • In rare appeal to Israeli public, UAE warns against annexation
    JERUSALEM, June 12 (Reuters): Israel cannot expect to normalise relations with the Arab world if it annexes land in the occupied West Bank, a United Arab Emirates envoy wrote in Israel's top newspaper on Friday.   Some Israeli officials have dismissed the notion that applying sovereignty to Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank would slow a discreet opening between Israel and Arab countries - particularly with Gulf states who share Israeli concer