Tali Angh to endorse Grail Guitars

Tali Angh to endorse Grail Guitars
Tali Angh to endorse Grail Guitars

Signs two year contract with Musikshack International


Morung Express News

Contemporary songwriter and singer from Nagaland, Tali Angh has been signed by Musikshack International Pvt Ltd as an “endorser” for the Grail Guitars. The endorsement contract will come into effect from August 2019 and continue for a period of two years. 

“Grail guitars are really comfortable to play and they deliver superior sound quality,” Tali Angh said while sharing about the endorsement. 

Tali Angh is a writer performer who tells a story through his lyrics and compositions. According to indihut, “Known for his master capacity to bring the same audio recordings to an open mic or a crowd, Tali Angh brings the vital story-telling vocal ability that is much missed in our present music scenario.”

Besides a full length album titled “Take it slow,” Tali Angh has released a number of singles. 



Musikshack established in 2014, is owned and managed by a team associated with the Music Industry for decades. 

The company has four retail showrooms and an online presence which can deliver to any part of the country. It offers financing by Bajaj Finserve and all major credit card companies. The company has an online Loyalty programme that is superbly attractive and can be used from the word go.

Musikshack is also the leading Distributor of Musical Instruments in India and is the Marketer and Importer for International Brands such as Orange amplification, Cordoba and Guild Guitars, Warwick basses, Dean guitars, Luna guitars, DDrums, Grail guitars and others.  

Musikshack has been designated the Preferred Premium Retailer for Yamaha and is the first choice for Yamaha products.


Grail Guitars 

Superior sound, top of the line build quality, and comfortable playing experience is what Grail Guitars are all about. The instruments are crafted in Taiwan, tailored to precise measures in order to provide you with the best possible environment to express your emotions and creative ideas via music. With various combinations of tonewood to choose from in different models, quality is guaranteed, with a variety of different sounds to choose from. Staying in a reasonable price range doesn’t have to mean any corners get cut. Grail Guitars offer an amazing musical experience at a very affordable price.


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