Taylor Swift struggles to breathe in new footage from Brazil show

IANS Photo

IANS Photo

LOS ANGELES, NOVEMBER 19 (IANS): In a newly-shared fan footage from Taylor Swift's Brazil concert on Friday, the singer-songwriter can be seen struggling to breathe.

The 33-year-old hitmaker took to the stage in Rio de Janeiro on Friday night, with high temperatures in the city soaring to unbearable heights, reports Mirror.co.uk.

The hot weather is even said to have caused a young fan, Ana Clara Benevides to die at the age of 23, after she reportedly went into cardiac arrest . The cause of death has yet to be announced.

As per Mirror.co.uk, in new footage circulating social media, it looks as though Taylor herself was struggling with the heat and humidity during her show.

After singing her hit from the 2022 album 'Midnights', 'Bejeweled', Taylor was seen standing on-stage trying to gain composure while breathing deeply.

With the video circulating social media, fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, have been quick to weigh in with their concerns for the star. "OMG¦ this breaks my heart on so many levels." Another then added: "She's so professional but watching her like this, my best wishes go to her."

"In 120 degrees I'm not f****** surprised. This venue is insane," penned another.

A fourth then said: "This video is so scary and sad to see. I know it's probably due to the heat as to why Taylor is struggling to breathe but this is exactly how I look when I'm having a panic attack, I truly hope she's okay and looking after herself."

This comes after fans were seen and heard begging for water at the gig on Friday night, with Taylor herself even wading in and throwing a water bottle into the crowd.