Taylor Swift's Sydney gig evacuated after lightning storm

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Los Angeles, February 23 (IANS) Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift's concert in Sydney, Australia was evacuated over safety fears after a series of lightning strikes on Friday.

Her gig at the Accor Stadium suffered a major blow following the bad weather with fans being forced to leave the lower levels of the Stadium, reports ‘Female First UK’.

The fans were urged by the organisers to seek shelter as the storm brought heavy rain, wind and lightning.

As per ‘Female First UK’, a post on the X account for Taylor's 'The Eras' tour wrote: "The floor and lower bowl are currently being evacuated due to lightning strikes nearby the stadium at today's show of Taylor Swift's 'The Eras Tour' in Sydney, Australia. Please stay safe and seek shelter for now #SydneyTSTheErasTour."

As per an update the staff at the stadium were busy trying to set up the arena again for fans to return. They were resetting the floor and preparing the seats again for the show. They urged everyone to stay sheltered until further notice.

Taylor is due to play three more shows at the Sydney stadium over the weekend with Sabrina as her support act.

The singer is then scheduled to take the tour to Singapore next month for six shows at the National Stadium before heading to Europe for dates in France, Sweden, Portugal, Spain and the UK.