Teachers told to sign registers kept by class captains

DIMAPUR, JAN 29 (MExN): In a clear case of role-reversal, teachers employed in schools and colleges located in Chakhesang areas have been directed to sign registers maintained by class captains before entering class rooms. A directive issued by the Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU) calls for enforcement of the same from day one of the academic year 2007-08. 

A circular issued by the student body makes reference to the government direction under communitisation and SSA to maintain such books or registers in every classroom. “Therefore, the VECs/TECs/WECs/GHS Managing Boards are asked to provide registers to every classroom in consultation with the Village/Town Students’ Unions.” 

The format in the registers, according to the circular, should contain the date and month on the top of every page and should include the following particulars: serial number of periods/subjects, name of the teacher, lessons/chapters taught, signature of the teacher and the captain’s remark. 

The teachers, though present in office, will be deemed as ‘half-day absent’ if they fail to attend classes. 

Registers maintained by teachers as well as class captains are to be scrutinized every month-end by those in concern and the responsibility for convening meetings at the end of each month falls on VECs, TECs, WECs and chairmen of GHS Managing Boards. If the above mentioned fail to convene the meetings within the stipulated time, the students’ union of the village or town are to convene the same before the tenth of every month. All class captains are to submit their registers to those in concern on the date of the meeting after classes are over and to collect the same from the Chairman of the GHS Managing Board the following day before classes commence. The teachers’ attendance register should be handed to VECs/TECs/WECs/GHS Managing Boards in case the headmaster or teacher-in-charge cannot attend the meeting, the circular directs. 

If any impasse crops up during cross-tallying the teacher’s attendance register with the captain’s register, “the record in the Captain’s register shall prevail.” 

For every day a teacher is absent, his or her daily wage will be deducted from salary and transferred into VECs/TECs/WECs/GHS Managing Boards, the CSU said. 

The captain’s register or ‘progress report’ is to be produced before the DIS/DEO or concerned authority after every three months. The salaries of the teachers “shall not be released” by concern authorities if that school fails to produce the captain’s register.