Tech Tales: Zeliang Codetech from Nagaland on quest for impactful innovation

Founded by a father-son duo, Zeliang Codetech Pvt Ltd is the brainchild of 11-year-old Zaiyigum Zeliang and his father Kangzang Zeliang from Nagaland.

Founded by a father-son duo, Zeliang Codetech Pvt Ltd is the brainchild of 11-year-old Zaiyigum Zeliang and his father Kangzang Zeliang from Nagaland.

Rebecca Kits Jakhalu
Kohima | May 20

Once upon a time, in the depths of ones and zeroes, a digital dream was born.

This is the story of Zeliang Codetech, an IT startup company from Nagaland, whose journey makes for a digital fairytale.

Founded by a father-son duo, Zeliang Codetech Pvt Ltd is the brainchild of 11-year-old Zaiyigum Zeliang and his father Kangzang Zeliang from Nagaland.

The story begins during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2021. When everyone was forced to stay indoors due to the pandemic, Zaiyigum was busy learning how to code. His father, Kangzang, had signed him up for an online coding course as a means to keep him occupied.

Zaiyigum, eight years old then, took great interest in it and made strides in learning.

It did not take long for him to master the art of coding. Soon, he teamed up with his father to develop the prototype of the ‘Give the Needy’ app, which won second prize in the Start-Up Nagaland’s Hackathon 2021 powered by the Department of Industries & Commerce and EduCentre.

Fuelled by their early success, the father-son duo proceeded to work on projects that would make a long-term social impact. With Zaiyigum as the idea generator and coding whiz, and Kangzang as his trusted advisor and strategist, Zeliang Codetech Pvt Ltd. was born.

The Team

Fast forward to 2024, Zeliang Codetech Pvt Ltd is now a team of specialized professionals in designing and execution of software, hardware and IoT services with Zaiyigum as the Co-Founder & Coder, Kangzang as the Founder & Strategist, Duplikhum Langtithonger as Co-Founder & Sr. Creative Head, Mangyangtemba Longkumer as Co-Founder & IT Engineer, Island Victor Chang as Co-Founder & R&D Engineer, Sunny Mazumdar as Co-Founder & Dev Ops and Kumghato Khala as the Web Developer. 

The Morung Express delved in to find out what sets this home grown company apart in the competitive world of technology.

The Future Is Now
Zeliang Code-Tech believes that the “future is now” and at the core of the company’s mission statement is the belief that technology can be a powerful tool for positive change. According to Kangzang, their team of developers, engineers, and designers work tirelessly to create innovative solutions and use their expertise for the betterment of society.

At present, they specialize in web mobility, app development, IOT applications, cutting-edge waste management solutions, mechanical and electronics engineering.

The Projects
What sets Zeliang Codetech apart is not just their knack for coding; it is the diversity of their projects. One day, they’re creating a smart lamp prototype; and the next, the team is on to a motorised electronic vehicle attachment. Their secret to balancing all their projects with ease? A willingness to tackle any challenge head-on, and a healthy dose of imagination, says Kangzang.

Some of the projects the team is working on at present are Give the Needy app, ZOULES and Smart Garbage Disposal Management System.

Give the Needy
It all started with a simple question: “Dad, why don’t we develop a charity app?”

Zaiyigum saw how the COVID-19 lockdown had affected the needy, especially with the shortage of food supplies, and wanted to do something to help. This sparked the concept behind Give the Needy (GTN) app, which was initially named ‘Feed the Needy’.

After winning second prize in the 2021 Hackathon, the GTN app has evolved from a promising prototype to a full-fledged charity platform through which contributors and beneficiaries are connected. It serves as a medium to streamline donation process for acts of kindness in communities by bridging the gap between those with desire and means to serve, and those in need.

To facilitate monetary donations and aid too, GTN Foundation was incorporated on January24, 2024. It is classified as a not-for-profit company.

The app has since impacted lives of many in need. One of the beneficiaries left an appreciation note in the app review.”Grateful for the ‘Give the needy’ app, recommended by a friend, I overcame scepticism and signed up for material assistance. Requesting an item from the donation list led to a surprising call from a polite GTN team representative confirming our request. A pleasant conversation ensued, and within two hours, a carton of clothing and shoes arrived at our doorstep, free of delivery charges. This amazing initiative, benefiting families like mine, deserves blessings for those who generously donated,” the beneficiary wrote.

In line with its mission to create the ‘next big thing’, the team is on its latest project, ZOULES-the new generation motorised Electric Vehicle (EV) wheelchair assistant. 

It is an EV attachment that can assist any idle wheel and boasts of being the game changer by its unique feature of being versatile and compatible with various wheelchair models.  According to Kangzang, ZOULES is designed to offer a cost-effective solution for users who wish to add motorized assistance to their existing manual wheelchairs without having to purchase a completely new powered wheelchair.

ZOULES is a reflection of the team’s commitment to contribute to the ‘era of convenience’.

As such, it is designed to add power to existing traditional wheelchairs, enabling users to manoeuvre effortlessly through various terrains, thus reducing physical strain and fatigue.

Sensor-based safety braking system, integrated LED headlamp with dipper and flash blinkers, in-built GPS tracking etc., are some of the mentioned features.

With intuitive controls and customizable settings, ZOULES is user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of users, including those with limited mobility or dexterity impairments.  In a nutshell, ZOULES combines advanced features such as GPS tracking, sensor-based safety braking, and LED lighting with the convenience of motorized assistance, offering users a comprehensive solution for effortless manoeuvring and enhanced safety in their daily lives.

Smart Garbage Disposal Management System:
In a bid to revolutionize waste management, the company has also come up with a state-of-the-art Smart Garbage Disposal Management System (SGDMS) which promises an efficient, eco-friendly, and hassle-free waste disposal process. The SGDMS is designed to facilitate an automated and optimized waste disposal experience as the system intelligently transmits real-time waste data from the garbage bins to the municipal control room. Hence, alerting the concerned waste management authorities with the fill level of every garbage bin installed in different locations which can be tracked by GPS tracking on the nearest point collector’s/garbage truck driver’s Android app.

It promises real-time monitoring and data insights and users can track their waste generation, set recycling goals, and receive helpful suggestions on how to reduce waste and improve environmental impact. Touted as the future of waste management, Zeliang Codetech’s SGDMS aims to be a step towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable planet.

In 2023, the Smart Garbage Disposal Management System prototype SGDMS 1.0V won the runner-up title at the Start-Up Green Innovation Challenge organised by Sustainable Development Goals Coordination Centre(SDGCC) Nagaland, YouthNet Nagaland, AIC Selco Foundation, NTTC, supported by Start-up Nagaland, Department of industries & Commerce and AIM NITI Ayog.

Apart from these projects, the team also caters to various software needs like creative designing, API, SEO and marketing, branding, web and app development, R&D support services etc.

Offering a wide range of services and projects to empower the underserved and make a difference, Zeliang Codetech is on a mission to build a legacy of shaping the future, one line of code at a time.