Technology practitioners eye online skill gaming industry for career growth : Study

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Kochi, September 4 (IANS) The online skill gaming industry is being seen as a potential high-growth sector by tech talent in Kerala, according to a study.

The study, titled 'Unveiling the Potential and Scope of the Online Skill Gaming Industry: A Study with Technology Students and Professionals” by the E-Gaming Federation (EGF) and the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (ISIK), provides unique insights into the growing interest in the online gaming sector within the technology community.

The study sampled 4,644 individuals from the tech community across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, demonstrating a very strong interest among both students and professionals in the online skill gaming sector.

It found out that 72.5 per cent  of respondents across India have expressed a strong inclination towards pursuing a career within this dynamic domain, while 60 per cent  believed that "providing an opportunity to create in India for the world" could stem the brain drain to overseas tech jobs.

Another finding was 100 per cent of participants in Kerala showed a willingness to pursue professional education in the gaming sector, indicating a strong desire to upskill and contribute to the industry's expansion.

Dr Diganta Mukherjee, Professor at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, said as the industry rapidly evolves, there is a unique opportunity to harness the creative potential of our youth and build a robust ecosystem that nurtures both technological innovation and economic growth.

Kerala is home to more than 4100 start-ups operating in a variety of industries including hardware, healthcare, fintech, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence.

The study's analysis underscores the vital role the sector could play in India's economic and technological trajectory. To unlock this potential, it is imperative that policymakers, industry stakeholders, and academia work hand in hand to create an environment that fosters innovation, skill development, and entrepreneurship.