Telangana hamper brand Hyderabad

Hyderabad, January 11 (CNN-IBN): Real estate prices and investments in Hyderabad have dropped following the Telangana protests, raising questions over Hyderabad’s future. Brand Hyderabad is about pearls, biryani, Charminar and Information and Technology. But for a year now, the city’s also been a hotbed of pro-Telangana support. The Osmania University campus - a centre of politics - remains tense after the Srikrishna panel’s report became public. Students continue to agitate for Telangana despite police warnings.
The metropolis is the bone of contention, as the Srikrishna committee report acknowledges. And with no party willing to part with the Nizam’s city, bandh calls & violence, though restricted, have become more routine - making investors edgy. IVRCL CEO Sudhir Reddy says that if these conditions prevail, then they will be left with no option but to move out.
Real estate has been the big loser. The Telanagana issue, market players say, has made valuations worse - with land sales dropping by 35 to 40 percent. They say, bulk real estate investment has gone to the likes of Bangalore and Chennai. But investors remain hopeful, especially now that the Srikrishna Committee report has been made public.
Muppa Homes CMD M Venkaiah Choudhary, CMD told, “The commitee has said Hyderabad will be taken care of, so people are now understanding that prices will not go down any further. We are hopeful old stocks will be cleared soon.” With the festival of Makara Sankranti approaching, even the ferment at Osmania University campus has come down.
While politics over the Telangana issue continues to be played out, the state of Brand Hyderabad hangs in uncertainty. The big challenges before the government now are to reinstate faith in investors and curb the increasing fnancial loss. City investors are meanwhile hanging onto the hope that the Srikrishna Committee report may prove to be the magic solution in the coming days.