The Eastern Nagas condemn NNLDM President Susa Nuree

We the Eastern Naga people condemn Mr. Susa Nuree and disown his works.

1.    The National League for Democracy in Burma (NLDB)is formed to bring Myanmar under the rule of Military Junta. The leaders of NLDB are presently scattered in fifteen different countries but they are working together with proper coordination for the last eighteen years. The Naga National League for Democracy of Myanmar (NNLDM) is a branch of the National League of Democracy in Myanmar (NLDB) and Mr. Susa Nuree is the president of NNLDM. In the past, Mr. Susa Nuree brought arms and ammunitions and tried to raise another Naga faction, as such, the eastern Nagas people strongly condemned it. However, later, with the pretext of fighting the Military Junta, he has been getting help from NSCN (IM) for the last ten years. 

2.    Our (eastern Nagas’) enemy is the Military Junta of Myanmar. And we know that with democracy, the welfare of the people will be respected. At present there are five Naga townships in Myanmar. We would like to make it known to the NSCN (IM) that without the knowledge and proper consultation of the elders of the five Naga Townships, their target of helping Mr. Susa Nuree will not be successful.

3.    We know that the DAN government, NGO’s, NSCN (IM) are extending help to Mr. Susa Nuree for the welfare of the eastern Naga people for which we are grateful. However, on learning about the help, he elders Eastern Naga people went to enquire about it to Shri.Longsa, the General Secretary of NNLDM. But to the utter surprise, Shri. Longsa said that apart from the help received from the NLDB, there is no record of any help given to the Eastern Nagas by the western Naga people.

4.    NNLDM is not a small organization. However, he does not include the educated and elders. Instead, he brings in forcefully only the young people and a make lists of every eastern Naga tribe and falsely claims around the eastern Naga people are with him. With such a claim and list of eastern Naga people, he moves around collecting money. Instead of the welfare of his people, the money given is being used by him for his personal gain.

5.    At present, his supporters consist of those who engage in the jewelry business of gold and precious stone. The supporters are widows and young girls only, but not even a single eastern Naga leaders support his leadership.

6.    According to Shri.Longsa, the NNLDM General Secretary and supporters, Mr. Susa Nuree makes many false promises to marry lady students who come to study in Nagaland, thereby exploiting and causing heartache to many innocent ladies. Such an act is unbecoming on the part of a Leader.

What appeared in the Eastern Mirror on the 18th of August 2006 under the caption, Eastern Nagas Wars NNLDM is very much true.

M.Pangmey, Nunyun Township
KimoHeimey, Dega Area